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Jack Byno Grand Prairie Traffic Warrant Lawyer

Retain the Grand Prairie Traffic Warrant Lawyer to gain over two and a half decades of experience to defend you. We have had our lawyers representing CDL and Class “C” drivers alike for over 25 years and normally gain their ideal verdicts. Our lawyers at Jack Byno & Associates are veterans of the courtroom and know well the proper legal proceedings for how to quickly lift warrants by posting bonds. We have allowed many drivers the ability to keep their jobs, avoid increased fees from insurance rates, and get out of convictions altogether. Contact us to see what can be done for you too. Without the proper law firm by your side to aid you, you’re likely to be arrested due to your overdue traffic citation.

Do not end up in jail when you could have hired the former municipal judge, Jack Byno. He is capable of removing people from police wanted lists, but you must reach out to our law office as soon as possible to see what can be done for you. Our attorneys go so far as to resolve a traffic citation after we remove a warrant by seeking out one of several routes. The first is the option we always aim for from the beginning: a dismissal. Whenever that’s no longer viable for some clients, we’ll then try our hand at plea negotiations. When it comes down to it, there is always the option of a trial if you choose to retain our services for one. To get in contact with us, fill out an online form linked here, come to our office during normal business hours, or call us.

Grand Prairie Speeding Warrants Lifted

The warrants we can help with are typically gained when someone attains a speeding citation, but does not follow the proper proceedings in order to resolve it by their court date. Many of these can be easily removed through hiring our lawyers and we accomplish that process while asking little of you. We can typically post bond to resolve the imminent issue of an arrest, which you should be cautious of during the active Statewide Warrant Roundup. As well, we’ll also set up a court date to appear on your behalf and gain a final resolution for your speeding case.

We start off by figuring out which court your case will go through. If a speeding tickets was issued to you by the local Grand Prairie Police Department, then we will turn to the city’s municipal court in order to retrieve your information. If you got your moving violation from other law enforcement instead, our lawyers will reach out to the Dallas County Justice of the Peace Court. Your information will be used by our law office to fill out your bond paperwork and have them posted for you. Standard mail delivery will apply, but we have allowed many clients to pick up their bond and our letter of representation to hand deliver it to the courts and avoid delay. Once those documents are received, you’ll have a new court date that our attorneys will make plans on attending and discuss with you if you are able to avoid the proceedings.

Grand Prairie CDL Warrants Removed

Grand Prairie truckers with a traffic citation of any kind should act fast. Our lawyers here at Jack Byno & Associates may be able to help resolve the issue to your benefit before it turns to warrant. By allowing it to go to go past due, you are risking your freedom every time you get out on the road. Police will not care if you’re in the middle of making a delivery. If you are on their wanted list, they will take you in promptly. We understand why the situation has been put off until now. We know a driving conviction on your record might be disaster for your career, so gain the help from a law firm that has saved other CDL drivers their jobs. We’re waiting by the phone to take your call today.

Grand Prairie Alias Versus Capias Warrants

If you gained a traffic ticket and allowed it to go overdue, then you will have gained an alias warrant. These are easily resolved through our law office so long as you have not entered “guilty” or “no contest” as a plea, nor have gone to trial in Dallas County. For those Grand Prairie residents that have already went through a trial and received a warrant after their sentencing, they will have one in capias status. Unfortunately, our lawyers cannot assist in these specific circumstances, as a verdict has already been established on the matter. Such cases will need to be sat out in jail or else followed according to what the court asks of you.

The Grand Prairie Warrant Roundup

When the Great Texas Warrant Roundup takes place in North Texas, you can be sure more police activity will be apparent within a day’s time. That day is now. You may not be able to escape the gaze of police long if you end up in a fender bender or happen to have a taillight out. Do not tempt fate by putting off hiring a lawyer to finally help you. We have a good track record of getting residents of Grand Prairie out of their warrant and back on the road while providing as much convenience as possible. There are many in the past and present who did not seek a law firm and ended up getting arrested because of their inactions. Do not be passive while police are overly active. If they haven’t found you yet, they will not let up during this policing event.

Contact A Grand Prairie Traffic Warrant Lawyer

Our law office does not take the matter lightly when it comes to warrants. We know of many who were taken in front of their family, some who lost their jobs, and many more who lost many hundreds of dollars. Most could have avoided such a fate if they only hired our services sooner. Get qualified legal representatives on your side as soon as possible. If you want the best Grand Prairie Traffic Warrant Lawyer in Dallas County, get in contact with our law firm today.

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