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Dallas Warrant Roundup Attorney

The Dallas Warrant Roundup Attorney wants to warn you that arrests are being made for any and all open warrants. Even if you let your traffic citation turn into a warrant, we may still be able to help. Just getting a ticket or a warrant doesn’t mean it goes on your driving record as a charge. Get the law firm with trusted experience to fight for you in front of the judge. We always try to go to court in your place and dismissed the case entirely. We’ve done it before and we may be able to do it for you too. The Statewide Warrant Roundup is happening this very second. Do not risk going to jail because you randomly got a flat tire and the officer discovered your warrant. Dallas County is pooling all the officers from neighboring cities together in search of open warrants, and they may even know where you work and where you live. For some, their warrant was issued in a different region of Texas than here. You may not get arrested for warrants in other regions, but if you have one in DFW, then act now. If you want to avoid jail and maybe even get your case dismissed while you stay at home, then contact our lawyers today.

Dallas Warrant Roundup Attorney

The residents of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex have been helped by Jack Byno for over 20 years. Cases have been dropped, charges have been lowered, and driving records have been kept clean thanks to him and his law firm. At Jack Byno and Associates, our lawyers post bonds and lift warrants fast. They’ve been able to go to court on our client’s behalf and come out with successful results for years. No one wants to go attend their court date, so that’s why we do it for you. Jack Byno is a former judge and is well acquainted with the Dallas Municipal Court. He knows how the judges there think about cases and can use his experience to decide the best course of action to take for your specific case.

How Our Attorneys Work Your Warrant in Dallas

We’ll call the courts and get your citation number. Local Dallas police will go through the Dallas Municipal Court over on Main Street. Other law enforcement present during the Statewide Warrant Roundup, such as state troopers, campus police, DART officers, or county sheriffs, will go through the Dallas County Justice of the Peace Courts. Once we retrieve your information and become aware of any bond amounts, we post them for you. Usually sent via USPS, if you need them sent same day, we’ll print them out for you to hand deliver to the proper court. When a court date is set, we usually can go in your place and plead the case without needing you to be present. This will take stress off you and in many previous cases, our lawyers we were able to get a dismissal because of their knowledge of how these courts work. After of all it is done, we send you a letter with a clear explanation of the results of the case and inform you of any court fees.

The Dallas CDL Violation Attorney Posts Bonds and Lifts Warrants

When your Commercial Driver’s License is at risk of gaining charges, your livelihood is at risk too. We understand how severe the case may be with CDL carriers. Maybe a simple moving violation turned into a warrant, but now’s not the time to ignore it. Charges stay on driving records, not warrants. If you feel like your income is about to be cut off because of your situation, contact our law office so we can look into a game plan to avoid such an outcome. Although we can post bond even if you ended up in jail, don’t wait for the worst to happen to start preparing. Our lawyers have helped save careers for countless fellow hard-working CDL drivers, and they may be able to do the same for you. Plus, if the situation permits, you could keep doing your job and traveling on the road while our attorneys fight your warrant in the courtroom.

Which Warrants Can The Dallas Attorney Fight?

There are two types of warrants out there and our law firm, like any other, can only fight one. If you have not entered a plea of “no contest” or “guilty” and have not gone to court, then we should be able to help. If you have entered a plea, even via mail, or if you have lost a trial and gained your warrant from not paying the fees, these are circumstances where a lawyer can no longer help. If your warrant is something we can take on, then hire us now. Time is running short now more than ever.

The Dallas Warrant Roundup is In Effect

Dallas and all the surrounding areas are cracking down on warrants, and their doing it in droves. You’ll see more police lights during this time as officers pull over more citizens and issue more traffic tickets. If they stop you, they’ll be able to look up your warrant and arrest you. Something as simple and as unexpected as a brake light going out could lead to jail time. Jack Byno knows an open warrant is like walking around with a target on your back. Take his advice and get the legal representation that works best for you. Remember, the police usually know where to find a person, whether it be their home or work. Don’t let your hands slip into a pair of cuffs before they reach for the phone. The Dallas Warrant Roundup Attorney knows Dallas and has the background you want to represent you.

About Dallas, TX:

– There are over 4,000 members of the Dallas Police Department alone.

– Dallas hosts a wide range of entertainment options, including an aquarium, several performance halls, and botanical gardens.

– Dallas County precedes the name of the City of Dallas.

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