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Jack Byno Smith County Occupational Driver’s License Suspension Attorney

Even if you already gained a driver’s license suspension, the Smith County Occupational Driver’s License Suspension Attorney might still be able to help you. We realize that many people still need to get to where they need to go, even if their license is suspended. There are shifts at jobs they cannot be late for, doctor’s appointments to make, and even trips to the grocery stores we all need to make. That is why our lawyers here at Jack Byno & Associates will look for ways to gain an Occupational Driver’s License for our clients whenever possible. This will allow people to still be able to get behind the wheel legally in order to make those essential trips. To see if we can gain such an outcome for you, contact me now.

For more than two and a half decades, Jack Byno has been the attorney countless drivers have sought out to help with their case. In many instances, our team of law professionals have been able to help others avoid a suspension, but sometimes our help is only sought out after such an outcome has occurred. In these instances, we will look for an ODL in Smith County. Life doesn’t stop just because the Smith County Justice of the Peace Court decided to suspend someone’s license. We’ll step in and even attempt to appear in court on your behalf so you don’t have to whenever the situation allows for you. Should you wish to find out what all we might be able to accomplish for you, complete an online form on our contact me page, call us by phone, or come by our law firm’s physical location at your earliest convenience during normal business hours.

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Occupational Driver’s License Granted in Smith County

The Smith County Traffic Ticket Attorney has been sought out by hundreds of drivers for over 25 years and counting. Throughout that time, we’ve helped many driver’s gain an Occupational Driver’s License, or Essential Need License, even if they’ve gained a suspension or two. Often, though, we can avoid such an outcome by being hired on to fight a suspension as well, for they do not automatically go into affect until the Smith County Justice of the Peace Court rules on the case. However, know that Commercial Driver’s License holders cannot gain a ODL. If you are at risk of losing your livelihood due to a potential suspension, the waste no time in reaching out to the Smith County CDL Defense Lawyer via our contact me page now.

Our Attorney Fights Smith County Driver’s License Suspensions

The Smith County Driver’s License Suspension Attorney knows that when a driver’s suspension is first brought up, it simply means the Department of Public Safety is having a hearing to decide if one should actually take effect. If you have not yet had your hearing, now is the time to act. There might still likely be a chance for our attorneys here at Jack Byno & Associates to intervene and change the outcome of your case. Should you wish to find out exactly how we might be able to help you, contact me today and let’s discuss the details of your case.

What are Driver’s License Revocations?

Occasionally, a complete revocation may occur. This is a permanent ban on your driving capabilities whereas a suspension is a temporary ban. This can be due to a court order or via a permanent medical conditions that prevents someone from being able to safely drive around. Should you have the potential to gain a revocation through the courts, reach out to our lawyers now. We are well versed with how to handle the Smith County courts and have also helped countless others avoid such a fate. Be proactive and contact me now to find the best possibility of a better future.

Civil, Criminal, and Administrative Law Review Suspensions

Suspensions can be categorized differently according to how they were received. If you gained too many traffic convictions, two or more “no insurance” convictions, caused an accident with no insurance, or were caught on a medical or other previously enacted suspension, then you will have a civil suspension. We specialize in such cases in Smith County, TX, so do not wait to reach out to our law office here at Jack Byno & Associates today. For those who gained a DWI or a DUI, you will have a criminal suspension case, which will be taken up with the municipal court wherever the incident took place. For those who might be in such a situation within a municipal court in the North Texas area, take the time to contact me and see how we might still be able to help.

For those undergoing an Administrative Law Review, this will be when you either failed a drug test, or refused to take one altogether (which can often lead to more severe consequences than had you taken it and failed.) A third party judicial branch will undergo an investigation to find out if the officer who implemented the breath test acted appropriately in order to find the whole case just or not, which it sometimes isn’t. Should you wish to find out more, contact me now.

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With our assistance, many Class “C” drivers were able to still get around and get where they needed to go, plus many CDL drivers were able to continue earning their income. Should you wish to find out what our law office is capable of also accomplishing for you, there’s no harm in reaching out to us to simply inquire further. Take the time to contact me, the Smith County Occupational Driver’s License Suspension Attorney, and let’s find the best outcome possible.

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About Smith County, Texas:

– There were 209,714 people living in Smith County in 2010.

– The Caddo Native American tribe were the first inhabitants in the area.

– James Smith, a general during the Texas Revolution, is the namesake for Smith County.

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