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Jack Byno Haltom City Traffic Warrant Roundup Lawyer

Hire the Haltom City Traffic Warrant Roundup Lawyer to lift your past due ticket by posting your bond as quickly as possible. We aim to work swiftly to provide comfort during an otherwise hectic police event known as the Tarrant County Warrant Roundup. This will cause a majority of police departments in the city and nearby areas to works in a concentrated effort to bring in all persons with an open warrant. That entails stopping more cars for any minor traffic charge in hopes of finding and arresting you if you have an overdue citation. Luckily, our law office at Jack Byno & Associates can take on a majority of cases under such circumstances and get that person off the police wanted lists before they too get arrested. To see what all can occur for you, contact me today.

Our law firm sets ourselves apart from all others by not only working promptly to post bonds, but to do so with as little inconvenience imposed on our clients as possible. After lifting their wanted status, we then seek out what approach is best suited for their case while we go to attend their new court date. This can even include a dismissal, which we seek out first. If that first option is not viable, we then turn to the next one, which is plea bargains. These can greatly reduce the costs and what appears on a driving record. This process is headed up by Jack Byno, our lead attorney with experience as a municipal court judge. His practice dates back over 25 years, and he’s now made a name for himself in DFW. To hire our law office, call us, fill out an online contact form located on our contact me page, or stop by in person today.

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Bonds Posted and Warrants Lifted in Haltom City

The Haltom City Traffic Ticket Attorney gets bonds posted in order to lift your warrant by first looking up your information. We’ll either contact the Haltom City Municipal Court if you were original issued a traffic citation by the city P.D., or the Tarrant County Justice of the Peace Court in the proper district for any other form of law enforcement. Once we know your amounts, we will complete your bond paperwork and mail it off to that court through standard delivery. Clients may stop by our law office to pick up the paperwork if that would expedite the process for them. Upon receiving those documents, your wanted status will be removed and you can finally get around without worry that police will arrest you over the issue. We’ll also request a new court date, which our lawyers will plan on attending in order to defend you. To see what all can occur for you as well, contact me now.

Haltom City Speeding Ticket Warrants Lifted

Speeding citations are one of the most common traffic tickets attained in Tarrant County, so it comes only natural that there are several ways to fight it. When you hire out attorneys to defend you, they’ll lift your warrant promptly. The Haltom City Speeding Ticket Attorney will then proceed to uncover what option is best to pursue for your set of circumstances. Some speeding violations can be outright dismissed. Others require plea negotiations, which our lawyers excel at on a regular basis. We may even be retained for a trial, which we have also had fruitful results from. Simply paying the fines and gaining a guilty convictions is not the only way to get your warrant resolved. Discover the others by using the information over on out contact me page to reach out to us soon.

Attorney Lifts Haltom City CDL Warrants

Even the smallest moving citation can strike fear in many long haul truckers’ hearts, and for good reason. A solitary traffic conviction has been the undoing for many CDL drivers’ careers due to strict employers with a no tolerance policy for gaining infractions on a driving record. Many truckers will put off dealing with their ticket for such a reason, or because they are so busy on the road that they couldn’t make it to their court date. The Haltom City CDL Defense Lawyer understands the reasons behind attaining a warrant in Haltom City, but there’s little to no excuse to allow it to stand. If you hire Jack Byno & Associates to defend you, we’ll lift your overdue citation while you’re out on making deliveries. We’ll also strongly consider how we might be able to resolve the whole case without need to drag you to court dates, so contact me and find out what we can do for you, too.

Alias and Capias Warrants in Haltom City

A Tarrant County moving violation that goes past due will turn into an alias warrant. These are the kind that our attorneys can easily and quickly take care of. In order to hire our law office to represent you on such a matter, you cannot have entered “no contest” or “guilty” as a plea to the court in person or by mail. You also cannot have gone to trial. Those who have gone and had their day in court will be unable to gain the assistance of the Haltom City Traffic Warrant Roundup Attorney over the matter, for it has been resolved completely. If you do not adhere to a verdict after losing a trial, then a capias warrant can be issued, but these are types that cannot be fought. Those consequences will have to play out or else you’re going to need to wait it out in jail. To see what can occur for you, contact me now.

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We work to make your legal proceedings easier for you at every chance we get. There’s so many people who currently have an overdue ticket and believe they’ll make it through another day without being arrested, yet police are getting more aggressive during this Statewide Warrant Roundup. They may even go so far as to show up at your home, your place of business, or even your school. It’s an unfortunate truth that some people have been arrested in front of classmates, coworkers, and even family, but that’s a fate you can avoid when you hire us. We’ve achieved great things for other drivers, so contact me, the Haltom City Traffic Warrant Roundup Lawyer, to see what can be done for you as well.

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