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Jack Byno Grapevine Traffic Warrant Roundup Lawyer

Speak with the Grapevine Traffic Warrant Roundup | Jack Byno Lawyer today to see how we can quickly post bonds. Having any warrant out for your arrest will likely lead to an incarceration, but many people can avoid such a fate. When you hire Jack Byno & Associates to assist in your case, we will get rid of your warrant in a timely manner so that you don’t have to risk your freedom each time you buckle up. We can regularly do so remotely, with little interaction asked of you, but we may also be able to resolve your case without your presence needed. For many clients, we showed up in court while they stayed home and might be able to achieve similar results for you too, so contact me now.

Our experienced attorneys are led by the former municipal judge with over 25 years of experience practicing law, Jack Byno. His penchant for resolving overdue traffic tickets has become his calling card in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. He is able to not only take care of a majority of warrants in the area, but go out and resolve the initial charges against a client in order to bring the whole case to a close. If you hire our law office, we can discuss with you what route will be work in resolving yours as well. Dismissal, negotiations, and even a trial (which you may retain our services for) may be necessary to fight the charges. To better understand what option could be work in your favor, contact us by phone, complete a virtual information form linked on our contact me page, or stop by in person.

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Bonds Posted and Warrants Lifted in Grapevine

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Grapevine Speeding Ticket Warrants Lifted

A speeding citation is issued every day in Tarrant County, but often people will forget to deal with theirs before it’s too late. Being arrested for something as minor as a past due moving violation is an embarrassing affair, but it could possibly be avoided with the assistance of the Grapevine Speeding Ticket Attorney. Go on and reach out to our law office to see what all can be done for you. Whenever you factor in the amount in the higher court fees, increased insurance rates, and other financial drains from a conviction, you’ll see that hiring the law firm of Jack Byno & Associates is the smarter choice. We have saved hundreds of people hundreds of dollars in Grapevine, so let’s see if we can do it for you too by taking the time to contact me today.

Attorney Lifts Grapevine CDL Warrants

Trucking through Grapevine with a warrant is a big risk for CDL holders. Even if you’re in the middle of hauling a shipment off to its destination, an officer will not hesitate to make an arrest upon finding out your identity. The Grapevine CDL Defense Lawyer understands your predicament though. Dealing with a ticket has the potential to yield a guilty conviction, which could spell disaster for many long haul truckers’ careers. However, with a traffic violation and any resulting warrant, they have yet to appear on your driving record and might still have the chance to be fought by our lawyers. We have done so with fruitful results for many other CDL drivers, so contact me and see how we can help you today.

Alias and Capias Warrants in Grapevine

The Grapevine Traffic Warrant Roundup Attorney can help with certain warrants, but not others. If yours is in capias status, then you went to trial, lost, then did not stick to the verdict which the judge gave. This entails some people avoiding taking a defensive driving class while others may have avoided paying for their court fees. Either way, our law firm is unable to pursue the matter further in Grapevine. However, if you simply let a traffic citation sit past its due date, then contact Jack Byno & Associates today. We can lift such warrants in alias status as long as certain conditions have not yet been taken on the case. First, you cannot have gone to trial. Second, you cannot have admitted guilty by pleading “guilty”, nor pled “no contest”. Our attorneys jump on your case by using your citation number to reveal any bond amounts you have. If you do not have that ticket number on you, don’t worry. We can call your court, which depends on what form of law enforcement originally stopped you. We’ll need to know if either the Grapvine P.D. made your original stop or if it was another department, such as a Texas State Trooper or a Tarrant County Sheriff’s Deputy. The former goes to the city’s municipal court. The latter deals with the county’s Justice of the Peace Court. Upon calling and gaining the amounts, we will post your bond through the mail along with a letter of representation. The bond will lift your warrant and the letter will request a new appearance date, which we’ll let you know if you can skip. For further inquiries, contact me now.

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Dealing with a traffic violation can be stressful, but allowing it to sit till it’s overdue it even more so. Don’t let it go on further, especially during this policing event. After years of defending clients with frequent success, our law office will know what the proper route is to resolve your case too. Many people who retain our services were pleasantly surprised by how fast and effective our law firms works to gain their final outcome. Contact me, the Grapevine Traffic Warrant Roundup | Jack Byno Lawyer to hire our law office today.

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About Grapevine, Texas:

– Grapevine gets its name from the similarly named nearby stream and prairie, compounded by the post office into one singular word.

– Grapevine is also known as the Cantaloupe Capital of the World.

– The population of Grapevine has grown by almost 110% between 2010 and 2015.

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