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Jack Byno Dallas County Traffic Warrant Roundup Lawyer

At this time, the Dallas County Warrant Roundup Lawyer has come to the aid of many people with overdue citations. That is because of the Annual Warrant Roundup currently taking effect in the DFW area. Jack Byno & Associates has regularly assisted people by posting bonds quickly. See if we can do the same for you before an arrest occurs. Something as simple as a routine traffic stop might end up in such a situation if you are currently on the police wanted list. Officers of the law are making more stops during this time, so don’t delay. We can even post bond for those who retain us and might have already ended up in jail. To see what all our law office can do for you, contact me now.

As a former municipal judge, Jack Byno has the valuable insight into the inner workings of the courtroom that many people seek out. In fact, his over 25 years of experience is proof that he not only posts bonds quickly, but also seeks out the final resolution that regularly benefit our clients. With him representing you, you can expect to not only be removed from the wanted database that law enforcement shares, but to also be provided with as much convenience as possible. This includes attending court dates in a client’s place whenever the situation allows, thus allowing many people to simply have the day off to do with as they please or to get back to work so as not to take a cut in the paycheck. To find out what can be done for you with us by your side, contact me by filling out one of our online forms, calling us via phone, or through simply meeting with us face to face at our law office’s physical location during normal business hours.

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Bonds Posted and Warrants Lifted in Dallas County

The Dallas County Traffic Ticket Attorney will always keep you up to date with the legal proceedings involved with your case when hired. We like to set your expectations by clearly explaining the process so that you’re not left in the dark. Whenever we first take on a case, we’ll simply ask for your citation number to complete your bond paperwork in full and send it off via standard USPS delivery. If you don’t have your ticket number, we’ll still be able to work with you. We’ll easily call the city’s municipal court if you dealt with the local police department. Otherwise, all other law enforcement will go through the Dallas County Justice of the Peace Court, such as campus police or Texas State Troopers. Once posted, we’ll also request a new court date so as to face off with the prosecution and plead with the judge to rule in your favor if viable. Any result that ends up with the defendant receiving court fees to pay will be a separate charge from attorney fees paid to us. To find out more about what all can be done for you, contact me now.

Dallas County Speeding Ticket Warrants Lifted

A speeding citation is a regular occurrence for residence in the North Texas area. As such, the Dallas County Speeding Ticket Attorney has become well acquainted with posting bonds to lift warrants issued from such traffic citations that went overdue. As well, we have regularly gained dismissals for a variety of Class “C” and CDL cases after doing so. Even if your charges cannot be thrown out from the start, plea bargaining might be a suitable option in order to reduce charges and keep them off a driving record. You may also retain us for a trail. For further question, contact me today.

Attorney Lifts Dallas County CDL Warrants

For more than 25 years, Jack Byno & Associates has represented long haul truckers. We understand the plight that many people will incur when deciding how to properly deal with a citation. By letting it stand and go to warrant, a trucker might risk getting arrested in the middle of a delivery if they are pulled over. However, facing the charges and gaining a guilty outcome might result in potential unemployment. Hire the Dallas County CDL Defense Lawyer like hundreds of others have and you’ll get that quality defense that quickly posts bonds and will attend court on your behalf if the situation allows it. For further questions about what can be done for you, contact me now.

Alias and Capias Warrants in Dallas County

If you have an alias warrant from a traffic ticket that went past due, then hire the Dallas County Traffic Warrant Roundup Lawyer to take care of your case by posting your bond fast. You cannot have gone to a trial already, nor have entered pleas of “no contest” or “guilty” in order to do so. For those with a warrant in capias status, you will have lost a trial and then did not abide by your losing verdict. You’ll have to either do so or else go to jail to take care of the issue. If you can hire our services, then contact me today.

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Throughout more than two and a half decades, our law office have assisted in helping hundreds of people avoid a potential arrest. Unfortunately, many people think they will be able to get by without needing to take care of the issue. Many will realize their mistake after it’s too late. Keep in mind that no one plans to get pulled over during the Annual Warrant Roundup, nor does anyone expect officers to approach them at their own place of residence. To see what can be done for you with a competent team of law professionals, contact me, the Dallas County Warrant Roundup Lawyer, and inquire further.

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About Dallas County, Texas:

– There was over 2,360,000 people living in Dallas County according to a 2010 census.

– In the mid-19th Century, the first courthouse of Dallas County was contracted as a log cabin.

– In the year 1987, there was a recorded 927 farms located within Dallas County.

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