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Jack Byno Garland Traffic Warrant Roundup Lawyer

Hire the Garland Warrant Roundup Lawyer to lift your past due ticket by posting your bond as quickly as possible. We aim to work swiftly to provide comfort during an otherwise hectic police event known as the Dallas County Warrant Roundup. This will cause a majority of police departments in the city and nearby areas to works in a concentrated effort to bring in all persons with an open warrant. That entails stopping more cars for any minor traffic charge in hopes of finding and arresting you if you have an overdue citation. Luckily, our law office at Jack Byno & Associates can take on a majority of cases under such circumstances and get that person off the police wanted lists before they too get arrested. To see what can be done for you, contact me now.

Our law firm sets ourselves apart from all others by not only working promptly to post bonds, but to do so with as little inconvenience imposed on our clients as possible. After lifting their wanted status, we then seek out what approach is best suited for their case while we go to attend their new court date. This can even include a dismissal, which we seek out first. If that first option is not viable, we then turn to the next one, which is plea bargains. These can greatly reduce the costs and what appears on a driving record. This process is headed up by Jack Byno, our lead attorney with experience as a municipal court judge. His practice dates back over 25 years, and he’s now made a name for himself in DFW. To hire our law office, call us, fill out an online contact form on our contact me page, or stop by in person today.

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Bonds Posted and Warrants Lifted in Garland

A DFW driver gaining a warrant can be surprisingly easy. If something as simple as a routine traffic citation sits past its court date unaddressed, then a warrant will be issued for that person’s arrest. The Garland Traffic Ticket Attorney knows how to post bonds fast and when hired on, we will immediately set out to complete the necessary paperwork in order to lift you from your wanted status. We start the process by gathering the information using your citation number, but can still work with those clients who might not have that ticket number handy. For any North Texas residents, we’ll call either the municipal court associated with the city police department that initially stopped you, or the Dallas County Justice of the Peace Court if you dealt with any other form of law enforcement, from campus police to Texas State Troopers. Once we complete your bond paperwork, we’ll send it off to the appropriate court along with a Letter of Representation requesting a new appearance date. When that new date rolls around, we’ll make plans to attend and fight the charges pending against you. The judge’s ruling will then be detailed in a letter sent to your home address. For further inquiries, contact me at this time.

Garland Speeding Ticket Warrants Lifted

Many people have forgotten to properly deal with their speeding citation and allowed it to go to warrant in Garland. If such a situation has also occurred for you, do what many before you have and retain Jack Byno & Associates. The Garland Speeding Ticket Attorney has come to the aid of many and have been able to remove all of our clients from their wanted status, avoiding an arrest in Garland because of it. We ended up saving hundreds of dollars for a majority of our clients as well. Increased insurance rates are a byproduct of a guilty outcome that many people forget to take into account. There are also large fines the courts can attempt to charge against someone with speeding charges, but we could possibly lower those as well. Get in contact with our attorneys today and ask them how they can help you too by visit our contact me and utilizing the information there.

Attorney Lifts Garland CDL Warrants

If you’re a CDL holder in Garland, there’s no time to waste when resolving your traffic citation. By letting it stand and turn to warrant, you’re allowing police to arrest you the moment they run your information. That may even happen in the middle of a delivery. Your boss might not allow employees to gain infractions on their driving record, but you must face the charges if you want them to go away. The Garland CDL Defense Lawyer realizes the turmoil you may be put through. Having to continue to do your job while resolving the matter isn’t an easy process most of the time, but our law firm has come to the aid of hundreds of truckers before. We were even capable of letting many skip their appearance dates as we took care of the rest. See how we can handle your pending charges by taking the time to contact me today.

Alias and Capias Warrants in Garland

When you allow a moving violation to go to warrants, you will have let it sit past its established appearance date in court without taking the proper actions to address it. This occurs for many people, but unfortunately, several of them will be arrested when pulled over by police. In situations like these, you may seek out the help of the Garland Traffic Warrant Roundup Attorney from Jack Byno & Associates if you have not already had your day in court. Nor can you have entered a plea of “no contest” or “guilty” to the Garland courts either in person or by submitted it through the mail. Another kind of warrant is one in capias status, but it is one our law firm cannot assist with. Those are given to someone who lost their trial and then did not attend defensive driving classes, pay court fees, or follow through with whatever else their verdict asked of them. They will need to be dealt with or else jail time must be served. For further inquiries, contact me without delay.

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Dallas County is not going lightly on anyone during the Statewide Warrant Roundup, and you will be no exception. Police officers have even started resorting to looking up a person’s home address and attempting to catch them on any random day. If you are someone who has received a letter on your door about your warrant, then officers have already been by. Either way, you’ll want to gain a trusted law firm to help resolve your case with ease and a peace of mind that they are a competent team. Contact me, the Garland Traffic Warrant Roundup Lawyer, now to find such a team and finally get closure on your situation.

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