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Jack Byno Haltom City Municipal Court Warrant Roundup Attorney

At this time, the Haltom City Municipal Court Warrant Roundup Attorney is ready to act swiftly in getting bonds posted fast. For more than 25 years, our law office here at Jack Byno & Associates has played a big part in allowing many Tarrant County residents avoid a potential arrest, which is even more likely during the currently active Great Texas Warrant Roundup. At this time, police are scanning the local roadways with a sharp eye to make routine stops for the most minor of traffic infractions, such as barely stopping over the white line at a stop light or eating while driving. Should you be stopped with an overdue citation, then know that an arrest is highly likely. No one plans on getting pulled over, yet it happens hundreds of times every day. To see what all can be done for you quickly, do not hesitate to contact me now.

For more than 25 years, Jack Byno has come to the aid of many locals in the area. Having previously been a municipal judge, he utilizes his insider’s knowledge of the courtroom to provide the best outcome possible whenever the situation permits it. We also look for ways where we might be able to provide more convenience for our clients, such as attending court dates in their place when allowed. If you are interested in finding out how we might be able to also benefit you, contact me by visiting us at our physical location during normal operating hours, filling out one of our online forms linked on this webpage, or simply calling us up by phone.

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Bonds Posted and Warrants Lifted in Haltom City

Whenever the Haltom City Traffic Ticket Attorney gets a bond posted, we ask for your citation number at the beginning. Do not worry if you hired our services and don’t know your ticket number, for we will be able to look it up otherwise. If the Haltom City Police Department stopped you, then let us know and we’ll go through the city’s municipal court in order to retrieve your information. All other forms of law enforcement in the area will go through the Tarrant County Justice of the Peace Court. When we complete that paperwork, we will send it off along with a Letter of Representation stating that we will be taking on your case and requesting a new court date. We’ll then plan on attending that court date on your behalf, face off with the prosecution, and plead with the judge to rule in your favor. Any court fees that are gained will be separate from attorney fees paid to us. For more information, contact me at this time

Haltom City Speeding Ticket Warrants Lifted

Should you have gained a speeding violation, then know that letting it sit for too long without being properly addressed will result in a warrant for your arrest. The Haltom City Speeding Ticket Attorney knows that this has occurred for hundreds of others in the area, so we are well acquainted with how to get a bond posted fast in order to lift such matters. In fact, we’ll also seek out the proper resolution tailored for each case, which sometimes means a dismissal is possible. Others who may not be able to gain such an outcome outright might be able to get their charges reduced through our careful tactics implemented during plea negotiations. As well, we may be retained for a trial. To see what options might be best for you to follow through with, contact me now.

Attorney Lifts Haltom City CDL Warrants

During this time, it will be crucial for long haul truckers to hire the Haltom City CDL Defense Lawyer to post their bonds, for a routine traffic stop in the middle of a delivery could likely lead to an arrest otherwise. If you’re worried that gaining a guilty conviction on your driving record might cause you to lose your job, then reach out to our law office here at Jack Byno & Associates. We have been representing over the road truckers for more than 25 years and frequently achieved the results they desired. As well, we might even be able to go to a court date in your place if the situation permits it. To see what all we can accomplish for you, contact me at this time.

Alias and Capias Warrants in Haltom City

To let a traffic ticket go past its court date without properly resolving it will result in an alias warrant. The Haltom City Traffic Warrant Roundup Attorney may be hired to post bond and lift such matters as long as a plea of “no contest” or “guilty” has not been entered in person or by mail, nor has a trial been held. A capias warrant is given to those that went to a trial, lost, and then did not abide by their verdict, whether that was to attend a defensive driving class or make the proper court payments. To resolve such matters, you’re limited to either following through with that verdict or else going to jail for the appropriate amount of time. For further information, contact me today.

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As the Tarrant County Warrant Roundup wages, expect to see more police on the streets and approaching people at their home. Many will realize too late that officers are known for going to a person’s place of residence an attempting to make an arrest, even in front of friends and loved ones. If you are in possession of an overdue traffic ticket, then do not wait further to contact me, the Haltom City Municipal Court Warrant Roundup Attorney, and find the help that you deserve.

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About Haltom City, Texas:

– More than 50% of Haltom City’s borders are surrounded by Fort Worth.

– Haltom City’s population was 42,409 in 2010.

– 12.4 square miles comprise the total land area of Haltom City, TX.

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