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Need Help Lifting Your Kennedale Warrant?

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2015 | Traffic Attorney, Traffic Lawyer |

Have you been issued a traffic ticket for speeding or another minor offense in the Tarrant County City of Kennedale, Texas? If you were, did you make it a point to respond to your charges by their specified due date? If not, the Kennedale Municipal Court more than likely issued you a traffic warrant. Please be advised, an active traffic warrant out for you is a warrant for your arrest! There is only one course of action that you may take in order to steer clear of arrest, and this is by taking swift legal action to ensure that your warrant is lifted. If you seek experienced, professional legal guidance in lifting your Kennedale warrant, look no further for it than Jack Byno & Associates.

Jack Byno & Associates may very well be retained to help you lift your Kennedale warrant, if you are eligible, and just in time for this year’s Great Texas Warrant Roundup. An annual police operation that sees law enforcements all across the State cracking down on drivers who have active traffic warrants out for them, Warrant Roundup season (known locally as the Kennedale Warrant Roundup) may see you arrested if your warrant still remains out for you. Take the steps you need to take today to ensure that your warrant is lifted in time for this yearly event, and consider letting Jack Byno & Associates help you in doing so. Please contact me to find out more today.

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