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In the Hunt County town of Wolfe City, Texas, law enforcement writes traffic tickets each and every day to motorists caught breaking traffic law. If you have been issued a citation in Wolfe City, as someone who holds a commercial driver’s license, you may be more concerned about your citation than the average, Class C motorist would be. This is for the simple fact that CDL holders are generally required by their employers to maintain their clean driving records. While it may be in your best interest to try and challenge your Wolfe City CDL violation, therefore, even if you received it at a D.O.T. stop, you do not necessarily have to do so on your own. Traffic ticket law firm Jack Byno & Associates, with over 20 years of experience in Hunt County, may help you in doing so.

The moment that your CDL or trucking violation is written and placed in your hands, it becomes your responsibility to make a timely response to it. Should you fail to do so, either forgetting about your charges or otherwise allowing them to become overdue, the Wolfe City Municipal Court may find cause to issue you a traffic warrant. A traffic warrant is a warrant for your arrest, of course, and must be lifted lest you be arrested. If you are eligible, Jack Byno & Associates may assist you in lifting your warrant, and may also post bond for you. Please contact me to find out more today.

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