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The Dallas, Texas Police Department pulls over and writes traffic tickets to drivers every day who are found to be violating traffic law. Have you been issued a citation in the City of Dallas, for speeding, running a red light, or some other minor offense? Are you interested in disputing your charges in court, in hopes of protecting your driving record from points? Then a Dallas, Texas ticket lawyer with Jack Byno & Associates may be of service to you. Our law firm has been in practice in Dallas County since 1994.

In Dallas, Texas, when a driver is issued a traffic ticket by police, he or she is expected to respond to the ticket by its specified due date. If you do not respond in due time to your Dallas ticket, but instead allow it to go past due, the court may find cause to issue you a traffic warrant. Lest you soon be arrested over your warrant, it may be in your best interest to try and get it lifted. If you are eligible, Jack Byno & Associates may assist you in lifting your traffic warrant, and may also post bond for you. Interested in learning more about our law office and the services we provide? Contact me today.

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