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On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2015 | Traffic Attorney, Traffic Lawyer |

Have you heard of the Wilmer Warrant Roundup? This extension of the State-wide Great Texas Warrant Roundup is now underway in Dallas County. Following its commencement each year, police are required to step up their searches for motorists who have been issued traffic warrants by the courts. Are you one such driver with a pending traffic warrant, issued for you by the Wilmer Municipal Court? If you are, then you should know that for as long as your warrant remains out for you, your arrest during the roundup is unfortunately a possibility. In order that you may avoid being apprehended and thrown behind bars this Warrant Roundup season, your warrant must be lifted, and as soon as possible. A North Texas- based law firm may be retained to assist you in getting your warrant lifted, so that you may avoid otherwise imminent arrest.

The Great Texas Warrant Roundup is nothing new to the Wilmer Police Department, nor to law enforcement elsewhere in Dallas County. Officials in this region will not hesitate to arrest you because of your outstanding Wilmer warrant, if presented with the opportunity to do so. Why give police the opportunity to arrest you when you may instead take legal action to get your Wilmer traffic warrant lifted? Are you worried that you would not be able to get your warrant lifted on your own if you tried? Then pick up the phone and call your local traffic ticket law firm. Remember that a lawyer may be able to help you lift your warrant, or even lift it for you, if you are an eligible driver. If a lawyer is also able to post your bond, you and your case may be defended later in court, at a hearing that may be scheduled for you. For more information, you may contact me.

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