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Plano Warrant Roundup Lawyer

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2015 | Traffic Attorney, Traffic Lawyer |

Have you allowed a traffic ticket written to you in Plano, Texas to go past due? Is your violation now in warrant status? It is if the Plano Municipal Court has penalized you for your overdue violation by issuing a warrant for your arrest. If so, please be advised of the annual Plano Warrant Roundup. A branch of the State-wide Great Texas Warrant Roundup, this annual event sees the Plano Police Department working tirelessly, night and day, to catch and arrest drivers just like you who have active traffic warrants out for them. Lest you be sought for arrest by police during Warrant Roundup season, your warrant must be lifted, and as soon as possible. Getting your warrant lifted is not a task that you must attempt to accomplish on your own; you may seek professional legal counsel in doing so, such as may be offered by an area lawyer.

Are you interested in getting your Plano traffic warrant lifted, now that you are aware of the Great Texas Warrant Roundup and the possibility of your arrest during it? Then you may also be interested in acquiring professional legal assistance in doing so. Keep in mind that such help may be provided you by a local traffic ticket attorney. An attorney who has experience with the Great Texas Warrant Roundup in Collin County may possess the legal authority to lift your outstanding traffic warrant for you, as well as post bond for you so that you may be represented later in court. Why allow this year’s roundup to result in your arrest and incarceration when you may instead take action to get your outstanding Plano traffic warrant lifted? Contact me to learn more.

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