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On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2015 | Traffic Attorney, Traffic Lawyer |

Maybe recently, while behind the wheel in Irving, Texas, you were caught speeding, disregarding a traffic control device, or otherwise violating traffic law. If you were consequently pulled over and written a ticket for your offense, but did not fulfill your responsibility to respond to your violation by the date it was due, it may have gone into warrant status, meaning the Irving Municipal Court may have been prompted to issue a warrant for your arrest. Does your traffic warrant remain out for you now? Then please be advised of the Irving Warrant Roundup, which is now underway in Dallas County. A part of the Great Texas Warrant Roundup, which sees police all across the State arresting drivers with outstanding traffic warrants, this annual event may see you arrested unless you act fast to get your warrant lifted. If you are now looking to lift your warrant, you may not have to look any further for assistance in doing so than a local traffic ticket law firm.

Every year following the commencement of Warrant Roundup season, drivers all over the Dallas- Fort Worth metroplex find themselves sought for arrest by police due to their active traffic warrants. You are now aware of the roundup, and can take action today in order to ensure that you avoid this same fate. In other words, consider taking the necessary legal steps to ensure that your outstanding Irving warrant is lifted. Remember that you do not have to try and lift your warrant on your own, as it is your right to seek professional legal counsel in doing so. Also remember that you may seek this counsel from a local traffic ticket attorney. An attorney may be able to lift your Irving warrant for you, and post bond for you as well as a promise to defend your case in court at a later date. For additional information, contact me today.

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