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Reno Warrant Roundup Attorney | Parker County Lawyer

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2015 | Traffic Attorney, Traffic Lawyer |

In the Parker County City of Reno, Texas, law enforcement is gearing up to take part in an annual police operation referred to as the Great Texas Warrant Roundup. Have you heard of this annual event? It should be of especial concern to you if you have been issued a traffic warrant on a prior ocassion by the Reno Municipal Court. Taking place not only in the City of Reno, but in participating law enforcement communities all across the State, Warrant Roundup season sees police focusing on finding, and arresting, as many drivers as possible who have outstanding traffic warrants. Lest you be arrested during this year’s Reno Warrant Roundup because of your outstanding warrant, it may be in your best interest to get it lifted. A lawyer may be able to help you with this legal task.

The Great Texas Warrant Roundup is now underway in Reno and other regions of Parker County. Now that you are no longer in the dark about this annual police operation, you have an advantage over the many other motorists who are still unaware of this annual event. You have this opportunity to get your Reno traffic warrant lifted before police have a chance to locate and arrest you because of it. Are you worried that you would not be able to get your traffic warrant lifted on your own? Or maybe you think that your arrest during the roundup is not all that imminent. If so, why wait until your are arrested to find out? Also remember that you do not have to try and get your warrant lifted on your own; you may seek professional assistance in doing so, such as from a local attorney. An attorney may be able to lift your warrant for you, and post bond for you as well as a promise to defend you later in a court of law.

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