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Allen Speeding Ticket Attorney

Jack Byno Allen Speeding Ticket Attorney

The Allen Speeding Ticket Attorney has been representing Class “C” and CDL holders for decades, with frequent success. Jack Byno & Associates has come to be known as the go-to law firm in Collin County. We work ourselves hard to find the best resolution to each case that we can and aim to make things happen fast. When you retain our services, we’ll first look for an acquittal to see if one is possible for you. If so, then we’ll make every effort possible to achieve such an outcome. If there is not an outright possibility to gain such a verdict, then we’ll look into how plea negotiations might be able to shape things up nicely for a client by lowering their charges. Should you decide that a trial will provide you with the best possible results, then you may retain our services for you. If you have further questions, or would like to begin your legal proceedings with us, give our law office a call today.

Jack Byno has been the ideal legal representative for many Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex residents for over 25 years. His former occupation as a municipal judge only adds to his ability to seek out and reveal the best verdict possible for each case that we take on. Along with our resilient team looking towards the future, we also keep an eye on the present and look for ways in which we can convenience you. For many, we can attend court and resolve the issue without the client being dragged along through the tedious proceedings. If you retain our services to represent you, we will pose your bond even if you’re currently in jail. We have worked tireless for years to establish a good relationship with North Texas drivers and plan to continue that trend for many more years to come. If you would like to hire us on as your defense or have questions, visit our contact me webpage. There, you’ll find listed our phone number to call us, our law office’s physical address to meet with us and discuss your case in person, and a virtual form to complete and submit online.

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Allen Speeding Ticket Pleas and Trials

Whenever you’re speeding violation is first looked at and a dismissal is not possible, we’ll likely have to turn towards plea negotiations. Members of our law firm will meet with the prosecutor in order to find out how we might be able to bargain your offense down to a much lesser extent in exchange for a probation and/or a Driver’s Safety Class (DSC). If you elect instead to retain the Allen Traffic Ticket Attorney for a trial, we’ll prepare a solid defense to come to any courthouse in Collin County and surround North Texas areas. Through our persistent defense, we have often shot holes in the prosecution’s case against you and typically allowed many judges to reduce or remove the allegations that stood against a client.

Allen CDL Speeding Tickets Defended

Whenever faced with a speeding citation, a long haul trucker may feel a great burden when deciding how to deal with it. Putting it off could eventually lead to an arrest, even while in the middle of delivering a shipment. However, facing the charges without the proper legal help might end up with a guilty conviction on their record and a loss of their livelihood along with it. If you’re in such a situation, contact the Allen CDL Defense Lawyer today. Jack Byno & Associates can easily discuss what can be done for you, as we’ve dealt with a wide array of Commercial Driver’s License cases with regularly successful results. Thanks to our efforts, many over the road truckers kept their jobs while never having to step foot in the courtroom. To find out more, give our law firm a call today and discuss the matter further.

Allen Lawyer Posts Bonds & Lifts Warrants

Whenever someone is given an alias warrant in Allen, it’s due to a Failure to Appear (FTA) or a Violation of Promise to Appear (VPTA) from allowing a speeding ticket to go past due. If such a situation describes what you’ve gone through, then our attorneys can be hired to help you as long as you meet two conditions. The first is that you cannot have gone to trial over the matter. The second is that a plea of “no contest” or “guilty” cannot have been entered in person or even by mail. If you did end up attending a trial, but lost, a verdict will have been given to you by the judge. You must adhere to what was asked of you, or else you will gain a capias warrant. These cannot be altered by a law firm, so you must either follow through with the judge’s ruling or else wait out the appropriate time behind bars.

Allen Warrant Roundup Defense

When the Collin County Warrant Roundup takes place, as it is currently, then police departments will send officers out in concentrated groups to find and arrest anyone on their wanted list. That includes you if you have a past due speeding ticket. They will make more stops during this time due to any number of minor traffic offenses in hopes of running the driver’s information and making an arrest. Even if your ticket goes one day overdue, then officers will have no qualms with taking you in. If you decide to hire the Allen Traffic Warrant Roundup Lawyer to represent you, then we will make every effort to post your bond quickly and lift you from your wanted status as soon as possible in order to avoid an arrest. As well, we’ll request a new court date in order to fully resolve the matter in its entirety.

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With the clock ticking to resolve your moving violation within a given time, it’s more important now to get the proper legal help. Through our decades of assisting in often getting the outcome many drivers wanted, we’ve allowed many to miss court and go about their day like any other, avoid going to jail, and even saved them hundreds of dollars in fees they would have otherwise incurred. If you’re in need of a law office that understands your plight and can likely get the outcome you deserve, then contact me, the Allen Speeding Ticket Attorney, now.

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About Allen, Texas:

– The Allen Public Library first opened in 1967.

– The Caddo and Comanche Native Americans lived in the area in and around Allen, TX until the European settlers arrived in the 1840s.

– In 1953, Allen was officially incorporated.

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