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Wylie, Texas, Traffic Warrant Roundup Lawyer

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Have you received a traffic ticket in Wylie, Texas? You have several options on handle the traffic citation, so long as you handle it promptly before it goes into warrant status. Once a warrant has been issued your options become more limited. I am Jack Byno and since 1994, I have represented clients in the municipal courts of Collin County, Texas. The Wylie Municipal Court is no different than most other traffic courts. If you have allowed your speeding ticket or other traffic violation to go past due, the court will issue a warrant. The attorneys of my firm can post bond, lift the warrant, and appear in court on your behalf to plea your case to the best deal we can make. Contact me for more details about how I can help.

Has Your Wylie Speeding Ticket Gone To Warrant?

The Wylie Police Department writes a lot of speeding tickets each year. Most people pay the ticket, take defensive driving, or seek deferred adjudication. There is, however, a sizable percentage of people that do nothing. This page is dedicated to those people. If you have done nothing, you can rest assured that the court has done something. It most likely has issued a warrant for your arrest. It is not the end of the world. the lawyers of Jack Byno & Associates can help you. Once retained we will post bond, lift your warrant, and appear in court on your behalf. in most cases, we can still get you deferred adjudication (probation) to keep the speeding ticket off of your record. Of course, you must qualify for probation and successfully complete it. Contact a traffic ticket attorney to lift your Wylie warrants.

Navigating The Wylie Warrant Roundup

The City of Wylie, Texas participates in the Great Texas Warrant Roundup. This is an annual coordinated effort by law enforcement from across the State of Texas to arrest those people with outstanding traffic warrants. Make no mistake. If you get pulled over in Frisco, you will be arrested for a Wylie traffic warrant. There are hundreds of cities that participate in the Wylie Warrant Roundup. the police will actively look to arrest you at home, work, and elsewhere. The attorneys of Jack Byno & Associates can assist you in lifting your Wylie traffic warrants. Contact an experienced traffic ticket lawyer today!

Wylie, Texas Traffic Warrant Lawyer.

Jack Byno has represented clients with speeding tickets, CDL violations, driver’s license suspension hearings, and lifting traffic warrants since 1994. Do not wait until the police come knocking during the Wylie Warrant Roundup. Contact a lawyer that can help you.

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