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Wise County Speeding Ticket Attorney

Jack Byno Wise County Speeding Ticket Attorney

Gain the assistance of the Wise County Speeding Ticket Attorney to get DFW’s ideal law office. For more than two and a half decades, the law office of Jack Byno & Associates has regularly come to the aid of many drivers in and around North Texas. We’ve even frequently gained dismissals for many. To see if the same can be done for you, give us a call today and speak with one of our legal representatives. Even if such an outcome might not be outright possible form the beginning, plea bargaining has often proven useful in getting charges reduced and kept off a driving record. As well, you might wish to pursue a trial. In doing so, you may retain our services for one to gain the tailor-made defense that will always work towards the best solution for you.

For more than 25 years, Jack Byno has been the former municipal judge that has regularly come to the aid of a variety of Class “C” and CDL drivers. During that time, he has implemented his insider’s knowledge of the courtroom to provide the best defense possible. If you’re in need of the proper legal help, then turn to our law firm today. We will also look for ways where we might accommodate a client as well. When hired on, we will immediately begin the paperwork to have your bond posted fast, even if you’ve already ended up in jail. As well, we will seek out ways where might be able to attend a court date in your place whenever possible. To see how we might be able to best assist you, go over to our contact me page to find our digital information form to complete and submit online, our phone number to give us a call, and our physical law office location in order to pay us a visit in person.

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Wise County Speeding Ticket Pleas And Trials

By retaining the Wise County Traffic Ticket Attorney, you’ll get the legal representation that will always seek out the best results possible. Whenever we first review a case, our number one priority will be to see if a dismissal is possible. If so, then we will pursue one with every effort possible. If not, then a plea bargaining tactic may by a suitable alternative. Achieving successful results through this method often entails lowering charges and keeping them off a driving record in exchange for a probation and/or defensive driving class to be completed. For more information, do not be hesitant to contact us today. You may even retain us for a trial, should you choose to pursue such a route. In doing so, we will prepare a solid argument to come to the aid of your case by contesting each part of the allegation pending against you. The goal will be to attempt to sway the judge to rule in your favor whenever the prosecutor might slip up.

Wise County CDL Speeding Tickets Defended

For more than 25 years, the Wise County CDL Defense Lawyer has been coming to the aid of long haul truckers. Jack Byno & Associates understands that gaining a speeding violation might be a hectic thing for many to deal with, especially truckers. By putting it off, a warrant will eventually be issued for your arrest. However, gaining a guilty outcome on your driving record might be enough for many trucking companies to let an employee go. If your livelihood is on the line, don’t hesitate to contact our law office and find out what all we can do for you. You might even have the opportunity to skip your legal proceedings in their entirety while we attend court dates in your place.

Wise County Lawyer Posts Bonds & Lifts Warrants

Wise County residents will have a specific date by which they must properly address their speeding citations or else gain a Failure to Appear (FTA) or a Violation of Promise to Appear (VPTA). In doing so, and alias warrant will be issued for their arrest. We may be hired to resolve such warrants by posting bond fast if you have not yet entered a plea of “no contest” or “guilty”, nor have gone to trial over the issue. If you went to your day in court and were found guilty, there will be a verdict to adhere to. By not doing so, such as not attending a defensive driving class or making the proper court payments, then you will have a warrant in capias status. These are not able to be resolved by our law office. Instead, you’ll have to either follow through with the verdict asked of you or else go to jail.

Wise County Warrant Roundup Defense

Whenever the Wise County Traffic Warrant Roundup Lawyer takes on a case, the bond for a client’s warrants will be posted promptly, thereby lifting them. This is crucial during the Annual Warrant Roundup currently taking place. This policing event is calling upon local law enforcement to ban together in order to make more traffic stops. Their goal is to identify and arrest anyone with an overdue speeding violation. Should you find yourself in a similar situation, give us a call today and resolve the issue with our assistance when possible.

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Having represented a slew of class “C” and CDL drivers, our attorneys are the competent legal representation many people need. We have allowed many truckers to keep their jobs. Countless drivers have also saved hundreds of dollars through our legal aid. To see what we might be able to also do for you, contact me, the Wise County Speeding Ticket Attorney, and review the details of your case with us today.

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About Wise County, Texas:

– There have been four courthouses that have served as the central hub for Wise County, with three of them burning down before the fourth and final one took their places.

– Battle of the Knobs was an early 19th century battle that took place in Wise County between the Native Americans of the area and the Anglo-Saxon settlers.

– 923 square miles comprise Wise County altogether.

You can find the official Wise County website here.