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Have You Been Issued A CDL Violation In The City Of Wilmer?

Emergency vehicle operators, school and city bus drivers, and truckers are all motorists who hold commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs). Do you hold a CDL? Then you are well-aware of the fact that, because you are a professional motorist, you are held to a higher standard than everyday, Class C motorists. You are required to maintain your clean driving record, as proof of your ability to drive safely while behind the wheel and on the job. That said, let’s assume that you have been issued a traffic ticket while driving with your CDL in the Dallas County City of Wilmer. Maybe you were charged with a moving violation, such as speeding, or an offense pertaining to your vehicle, such as over weight violations. No matter the reason behind the issuance of your Wilmer CDL violation, it may be in your best interest to challenge your ticket, rather than plead guilty to it. If you choose to challenge your ticket, Jack Byno & Associates may be of service to you. We may be able to plead your case for a possible deal, or fight your ticket at trial in hopes of getting it dismissed. While your case remains in court, we would advise you to please remain aware of traffic law while on the job, as well as usual D.O.T. stops.

In Wilmer, Texas, CDL Violations Disputed with Lawyer’s Help

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Overdue Wilmer CDL Violations- Truckers Issued Traffic Warrants

As a commercial driver who has been issued a CDL or trucking violation in the Dallas County City of Wilmer, you must act quickly to respond to your ticket. While you may choose to respond by either pleading your case for a possible deal, or by fighting your case at trial, let’s say that you have not responded to your Wilmer CDL violation at all, even to the point that it is now in warrant status. If your ticket has gone into warrant, it means that the Wilmer Municipal Court has issued a warrant for your arrest as a penalty for your overdue violation. Your case is more serious than it was before once a warrant is out for you, as it may see you sought for arrest by police unless you act quickly to ensure that your warrant is lifted. Bear in mind that the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno may be retained to assist you in lifting your warrant, so that your arrest may be avoided. We may also be able to post bond for you, as a promise to represent you later in a court of law.

Wilmer Traffic Warrants Lifted For CDL Drivers

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