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The Colony, Texas, Traffic Violation Lawyer

The Colony Municipal Court Traffic Tickets

Located in Denton County, Texas, The Colony Municipal Court handles the judicial processing of Class C Misdemeanors that originate from traffic citations, citizen complaints, animal control violations, municipal code violations, and misdemeanor warrants for arrests.

The Court is also responsible for reporting court information to the various departments of the State of Texas as well as the processing of payments to the State for fines and fees collected by The Colony as required by Texas State Law.

Traffic Violation in Texas?
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The Colony Speeding Ticket Attorney

I am Jack Byno, a traffic ticket lawyer that represents clients with speeding tickets and other Class C misdemeanors in the Colony, Texas. In most cases, I can work out a deal for deferred adjudication, which is essentially a probationary period. This way you can pay the court without being found guilty, which will allow you to keep your driving record clean.

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Traffic Warrants Lifted in The Colony

When I am hired to lift your The Colony, Texas traffic warrants, the first thing that happens is my staff will call the court to verify what warrants you have in the municipal court and how much the bonds are. I will then prepare the bonds & a letter of representation and send them to the courthouse. Once the court clerks receive and process them, the traffic warrants will be lifted. Because I have sent a letter of representation with the bonds I am notifying the court that I am your attorney and I want a court date. When that dates arrives, I will appear in court for you and work out the best deal that I can by entering into a plea agreement on your behalf. Once that is completed, I will send you notice of the outcome, how much your court fees are, and the due date. Contact me so this can take place before you are arrested in the warrant roundup at 817-685-0912.

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The Colony CDL Defense Lawyer

The severity of a speeding ticket for a motorist with a  commercial driver’s license (CDL) is much greater. I can help you fight to keep the ticket off your record and protect your right to drive. When your livelihood is on the line, contact an attorney with two decades of experience defending truckers in The Colony.


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