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Commencement of Annual Talty Warrant Roundup

While driving in Talty, Texas, recently, were you caught speeding or otherwise violating traffic law by a police officer? Were you written a traffic ticket for your offense? If you were, but did not see through your obligation to respond to your citation by the date it was due, the Talty Municipal Court may have been prompted to issue a warrant for your arrest. Have you yet taken the necessary legal steps to ensure that your traffic warrant is lifted? If you have not, you should know about the Talty Warrant Roundup, which has just commenced in Kaufman County. An extension of the larger Great Texas Warrant Roundup, this yearly police operation sees drivers working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to locate and arrest as many drivers as possible who have outstanding traffic warrants out for them. Lest you be sought for arrest by police this Warrant Roundup season, pick up the phone and call Jack Byno & Associates. A North Texas-based law firm with more than 20 years of experience with the roundup in Kaufman County, we know what it takes to lift outstanding warrants on behalf of our eligible clients. Give us a call today and see how we may be of service to you.

Kaufman County Traffic Warrants Lifted With Attorney’s Help

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Talty Warrant Roundup Season Sees Drivers Arrested

Now that you have been made aware of the Great Texas Warrant Roundup, you have an advantage over the many motorists still in the dark in regard to this annual event. You have this opportunity to ensure that your active Talty traffic warrant is lifted before police have a chance to arrest you because of it. If you are looking to get your warrant lifted, but feel that you would not be able to do so on your own if you tried, let Jack Byno & Associates know. Once we are aware of your need to get your warrant lifted before your arrest during Warrant Roundup season becomes a reality, we may be retained to provide you with the professional legal defense your case deserves. In the case that our experienced traffic ticket lawyers are able to lift your Talty warrant for you, your arrest during the roundup will no longer be an imminent possibility. Should we be successful in our attempts to post bond for you as well, as a promise to represent you in court, you may expect for us to appear therein later as your legal representatives.

Let Us Help You Avoid Arrest During the Talty Warrant Roundup

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