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Sansom Park CDL Defense Lawyer

Sansom Park CDL Violations Disputed by Lawyer

On a daily basis in the Tarrant County City of Sansom Park, Texas, motorists of both Class C and CDL status are pulled over by police and written traffic tickets for minor traffic offenses committed. If you are a trucker, school bus driver, city bus driver, or otherwise someone who holds a commercial driver’s license (CDL) for work purposes, and have been written a trucking violation while on duty in Sansom Park, you must respond to your charges in due time just as the average, Class C motorist must. That said, you as a CDL holder differ from the average motorist in that your career as a professional driver is dependent upon your clean driving record. It serves as a sort of job security for you, and if you were to plead guilty to your Sansom Park CDL violation (whether it be for speeding, a D.O.T. stop over weight violation, or any other moving or vehicle-related offense) points would be added to your record. For this reason you may therefore be considering challenging your CDL violation in court rather than pleading guilty to it. The Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno is an experienced traffic ticket law firm with over 20 years of experience in North Texas, and may be able to assist you in doing so. We understand that you as a professional CDL driver simply want to protect your record and remain on the job, and we may be hired to help you in this endeavor by either

  • Pleading your case for a possible deal, or
  • Fighting your charges at trial

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Warrants Issued for CDL Holders in Sansom Park, Texas

When a driver fails to respond to a traffic ticket written to them in Sansom Park, Texas, by failing to either plead guilty to their violation or dispute it in court, that driver can expect to be disciplined by the Sansom Park Municipal Court. The court does not tolerate overdue traffic violations at all, and if your CDL or trucking violation is discovered to have gone past due, the court may be prompted to issue a warrant for the arrest of the driver at question. Once a traffic warrant has been issued for you by the court, your arrest is unfortunately imminent until your warrant is lifted. If you are now looking to get your warrant lifted, but feel that you would not be able to accomplish such a legal task on your own, the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno may be of service to you. From our offices located in the heart of the Dallas- Fort Worth metroplex, we offer to lift warrants and post bonds on behalf of our eligible CDL and Class C clients (among other services provided). If we are able to swiftly and successfully lift your warrant, your arrest will no longer be imminent, and your career as a trucker or other professional motorist may be safeguarded. If we are also able to post bond for you, it will serve as a promise from us to represent you and your case later in court.

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