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Rio Vista Traffic Warrant Roundup Lawyer

Commencement of the Annual Rio Vista Warrant Roundup


If you are not already aware, please be advised of the upcoming Rio Vista Warrant Roundup. A branch of the State-wide Great Texas Warrant Roundup, this event should be of especial concern to you if you have been issued a traffic warrant by the Rio Vista Municipal Court on a prior occasion. During Warrant Roundup season, police are required to step up their searches for motorists with such warrants. Lest you be arrested by police during this year’s roundup because of your pending warrant, you need to act quickly to ensure that your warrant is lifted. This is a task that a traffic ticket lawyer, such as from the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno, may be able to assist you with. For over 20 years, since the founding of our law firm in 1994, we have gotten traffic warrants lifted on behalf of eligible clients in Johnson County and surrounding areas. If we are able to get your warrant lifted for you, your arrest because of it will on longer be a possibility.

Counsel Provided During the Rio Vista Warrant Roundup

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Steering Clear of Arrest During the Rio Vista Warrant Roundup

The Rio Vista Police Department is no stranger to the Great Texas Warrant Roundup, nor is law enforcement elsewhere in Johnson County. As it so happens, neither is the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno. While police will not hesitate to arrest you during this year’s Rio Vista Warrant Roundup should the opportunity to do so present itself, our law firm will not hesitate to defend you against such a fate. If you make the decision to try and avoid arrest by getting your Rio Vista traffic warrant lifted, and if you hire Jack Byno & Associates to assist you in doing so, there is a good chance that we may be able to get your warrant lifted for you. If we are also able to post bond for you, it will act as a promise from us to defend you later in a court of law, at a hearing that may be scheduled for you therein.

Rio Vista Warrant Roundup- Let Us Help You Avoid Arrest

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