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Richland Hills Traffic Warrant Roundup Lawyer


City of Richland Hills, Texas Traffic Ticket Lawyer

If you have a City of Richland Hills traffic warrant then you need to retain an attorney that has experience in these matters. Jack Byno & Associates only represent clients with driving related cases such as speeding tickets, CDL violations, occupational driver’s licenses, driver’s license suspension hearings, and traffic warrants. They have represented clients in all of the Municipal Courts in Tarrant County and know them well. If you want an experienced traffic ticket attorney contact Jack Byno & Associates.

Richland Hills Partakes in the Warrant Roundup

Richland Hills, Texas is a city that participates in the Annual Statewide Warrant Round. The roundup focuses on finding and arresting people with outstanding traffic warrants. They also collect millions of dollars in unpaid fines which increases the cities revenue. They go to great lengths during this time to find offenders by going to their homes, place of business and other places they might be to arrest them. The warrant roundup is only a few weeks away, contact Jack Byno & Associates to help you get your warrants lifted so the Richland Hills Police Officers are not knocking on your door.



Why Retain a Traffic Ticket Attorney?

When you hire Jack Byno & Associates to lift your Richland Hills traffic warrant one of our attorneys will post bond to get your warrant lifted. We will also send the court a letter of representation to let it know you hired an attorney and all correspondence from the court will then come to our office. Once the court processes the bonds they will send out a new court date. At that court date the attorney will appear for you, you will not have to be present. The attorney will also try to work out the best deal possible to keep the violation off your driving record and try to lower the cost of the fine. You then will be notified of the outcome of the court date and how much you owe Richland Hills Municipal Court. Contact Jack Byno & Associates today to get the process started.


More about the  Approaching Warrant Roundup.

Contact Jack Byno To Lift Your Traffic Warrants

Jack Byno & Associates have helped clients with their  Tarrant County, Texas speeding tickets since 1994. They have also represented clients with traffic warrants, driver’s license suspension hearings, occupational driver’s licenses, and CDL violations.   Contact me with your questions about the Annual Statewide Warrant Roundup and how we can help you lift your warrants. Do not hesitate and wait until it is too late. Contact us today!
Special note : The statewide warrant roundup has begun! There are a lot more  cities participating in the Great Texas Warrant Roundup.


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Fines and court costs are not included in fees for legal representation. .


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