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Concerning the Disputation of Quinlan CDL Violations

Are you concerned about a traffic violation that you have received in the Hunt County City of Quinlan, Texas? You may be, especially in the case that you hold a commercial driver’s license (commonly referred to as a CDL), for work as a trucker, school bus or city bus driver. This is for the fact that commercial motorists, in contrast to Class C drivers, are more often than not required by their employers to keep their driving records spotless. If you are written a CDL or trucking violation for speeding, a D.O.T. stop over weight violation, or any other minor traffic offense, you may therefore be hesitant to plead guilty to your violation, as points will be added to your driving record if you do so. Even though it may be in your better interest (and in the best interest of your career) to challenge your Quinlan violation instead, you may be uncertain of doing so on your own. In this case, consider seeking counsel from the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno. We are a traffic ticket law firm with more than 20 years of experience in Hunt County and surrounding North Texas communities. We understand that you as a professional CDL driver simply want to protect your driving record if at all possible, and therefore may be retained to either a) plead your case for a favorable deal in court, in lieu of points added to your driving record, or b) fight your Quinlan ticket at an official trial setting.

Please note: If you hire us to seek you a plea agreement, you may not be required to appear with us at your scheduled court date. If you hire us to fight your ticket at trial, however, be prepared to appear in court with us as we present your case to the judge.

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Has Your Overdue Quinlan CDL Violation Gone Into Warrant?

As a licensed Texas driver, it is your responsibility to abide by traffic law at all times while behind the wheel. If you are caught disregarding the law by police, you can expect to be pulled over and written a traffic ticket for your offense. Upon being issued your citation, it then becomes your responsibility to respond to it in due time.

Maybe you have been written a CDL or trucking violation by law enforcement in Quinlan, Texas, and have not yet fulfilled your responsibility to respond to your citation. If your ticket is now overdue, do not be surprised if it goes into warrant. When your CDL violation goes into warrant, it means that the Quinlan Municipal Court has issued a warrant for your arrest as a penalty for your overdue ticket. Once a traffic warrant has been issued for you by the court, you situation is much more serious than it was previously, as your arrest is imminent for as long as your warrant remains out for you. If you are hopeful to steer clear of arrest, your warrant must be lifted, but this is not a task that you must attempt to accomplish on your own. It is your prerogative to seek professional legal counsel in lifting your warrant, and this counsel may be provided you by the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno. Since 1994, we have lifted warrants and posted bonds on behalf of our eligible Hunt County CDL clients. If we are able to lift your Quinlan warrant and post your bond, your arrest because of your warrant will no longer be possible, and you and your career may be defended by us later in court.

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