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Prairie Point, Texas CDL Violations Disputed In Court

The Prairie Point Police Department, and law enforcement elsewhere in Cooke County, Texas, work hard day and night to ensure that all motorists are abiding by traffic law at all times. If any motorist is discovered to be violating the law, they may be pulled over at the discretion of law enforcement and written a traffic ticket.

Perhaps you were recently written a traffic ticket while driving with your CDL in Prairie Point, Texas. Maybe you were at a DOT stop for an over weight violation, or for speeding while on your work route. No matter the reason behind the issuance of your violation, it is your responsibility to respond to it in due time, by either pleading guilty to it or by challenging it in court. Even though it is your responsibility to make a timely response to your violation, it is not something that you must attempt to accomplish on your own. You may seek professional legal counsel in doing so, counsel that may be provided to you by Jack Byno & Associates. We are a traffic ticket law firm with over 20 years of experience in Cooke County and surrounding North Texas communities. We know what it takes to defend CDL clients in the City of Prairie Point, and may be hired by you to either:

  • Plead your case for a favorable deal, in lieu of points added to your record
  • Fight your case at trial, in hopes of getting your charges dismissed

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Overdue Prairie Point CDL Violations Go Into Warrant

Being written a traffic ticket can be a stressful experience whether one holds a Class C driver’s license or CDL. But however serious your situation may be upon being written your Prairie Point CDL violation, it will become even more serious should you fail to respond to your charges by the date that they are due. If you do fail to respond to your charges, neither pleading guilty to them nor challenging them in a court of law, the Prairie Point Municipal Court may issue a warrant for your arrest as a penalty. Once a traffic warrant has been issued for you, your arrest is unfortunately a very real possibility until you act to get your warrant lifted. If you are now looking to get your warrant lifted, but are uncertain as to how you may go about doing so, pick up the phone and call Jack Byno & Associates. For over 20 years, we have gotten bonds posted and traffic warrants lifted on behalf of our eligible Class C and CDL clients. If we are able to lift your Prairie Point warrant, and are also able to post bond for you, your arrest will no longer be imminent, and your career as a professional motorist may be defended by us later in court.

Has Your Prairie Point CDL Violation Fallen Into Warrant Status?

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