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Ponder Traffic Ticket Attorney

Town of Ponder, Texas Traffic Ticket Attorneys

In 1994, as a young lawyer, I opened my open law firm and one of the first traffic tickets I ever defended was in  Ponder, Texas. I represent clients throughout Denton County with traffic tickets. Most of the cases I handle include, but are not limited to CDL violations, lifting traffic warrants,  driver’s license suspension hearings , and speeding tickets. If you need assistance with a Ponder traffic violation  contact the attorneys of Jack Byno & Associates .

Ponder, Texas Speeding Ticket Defense Lawyers

If you are have a speeding ticket pending in the  Ponder Municipal Court it is important to know your court dates. While  speeding tickets may seem like a pain in the neck, ignoring them will cause a warrant to occur. As a traffic ticket lawyer, I appear the Denton County traffic courts on for my clients every day. Normally, I can plead your case to a deferred disposition. If granted and completed the result be that the speeding ticket will not appear on your record.  Contact me to discuss your Ponder traffic ticket and the options available to you.

Ponder Warrant Roundup Issues Resolved By An Attorney

Do you need a Ponder Warrant Roundup defense attorney? The  Statewide Warrant Roundup has begun and  Denton County participates. Police officers from over 324 Texas cities will make a coordinated effort to arrest those people that have active traffic warrants.  Contact the lawyers of Jack Byno & Associates to lift your Ponder traffic warrants.


Special note : The statewide warrant roundup has begun! More about  Texas Statewide Warrant Roundup .

CDL Violations Defended By An Experience Ponder Lawyer

CDL holders face several problems when dealing with traffic tickets:
  • They drive over the road and cannot appear in traffic court,
  • Moving violations on their driving record can effect their livelihood,
  • They do not know that they have options.
If you have a  commercial driver’s license (CDL) and did not make it to the Ponder Municipal Court on time, you may have a warrant for your arrest. I have been a traffic ticket lawyer since 1994 and know how to help you with a CDL violation in Denton County.  Contact me to talk about your options.

Jack Byno & Associates: Ponder, Texas Traffic Ticket Attorneys

My law firm is dedicated entirely to the defense of traffic tickets and fighting  driver’s license suspensions in Denton County.  Contact me for help with your speeding tickets, CDL violations, and traffic warrants.
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