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Ponder Police Write CDL Drivers Trucking Violations

Traffic tickets are quite common and written to drivers on a daily basis in the Denton County City of Ponder. Although common, and written every day to both Class C and commercial motorists, a citation written to you is still a serious matter, and should be responded to in a timely manner.

Perhaps you have been written a CDL or trucking violation by law enforcement in Ponder, Texas, while on the job as a trucker, bus driver, or emergency vehicle operator. As a professional CDL driver, you are required to maintain your clean driving record, as proof for your employer of your responsible driving habits. You may therefore be hesitant to plead guilty to your violation, as if you do so, points will be added to your driving record irreversibly. You may instead be considering disputing your ticket in court, by either a) pleading your case for a possible deal, or b) by fighting your ticket at trial. While you may have been written your citation on the road or at a D.O.T. stop along your route, for an over weight violation or a moving violation as simple as speeding, Jack Byno & Associates may be of service to you. For over 20 years, we have gotten bonds posted and traffic warrants lifted on behalf of our eligible Class C and CDL clients. If we are hired to challenge your Ponder CDL violation, we will do our very best to protect your clean record against points so that you may remain behind the wheel.

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Neglected Ponder CDL Violations Fall Into Warrant Status

However trivial your Ponder CDL violation may seem, it is highly demanding of your attention and should be responded to in due time. If you fail to respond in due time to your violation, neither pleading guilty to it nor challenging it in court, you may expect to be penalized by the Ponder Municipal Court. The court, which does not tolerate overdue traffic citations of any kind, may be prompted to issue a warrant for your arrest. Your situation is of course more demanding of your attention once a traffic warrant has been issued for you, as if it is allowed to remain active it will eventually result in your arrest. And of course, from behind bars, you could not continue your career as a professional driver. You could even lose your job, in a worst-case scenario. If you are hopeful to avoid being arrested if at all possible, your outstanding Ponder warrant must be lifted, and as soon as possible. Jack Byno & Associates may be able to assist you in lifting your warrant, if you feel that you would benefit from such professional assistance. Since 1994, we have helped Class C and CDL motorists all across the Dallas- Fort Worth metroplex steer clear of arrest (including during Warrant Roundup season) by lifting their warrants for them and by posting bond for them. If we are able to carry out these legal services on your behalf, your arrest because of your warrant will no longer be a possibility.

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