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CDL Holders Challenge Traffic Violations in Pelican Bay

Traffic tickets are quite common penalties, and written by police to Class C and commercial drivers every day in Tarrant County, Texas. Upon being written a citation for a traffic offense committed, a motorist is expected by the courts to respond to their violation in a timely manner, by either pleading guilty to their charges or challenging them in court.

Have you been written a CDL or trucking violation while on the job in the Tarrant County City of Pelican Bay? Maybe you were for failing to yield right of way, speeding, an over weight violation, or another minor traffic offense on the road or at a D.O.T. stop. If so, you have an important decision to make. You must decide whether it would be in your best interest to plead guilty to your violation, or to dispute it. Because you as a professional motorist are most likely required by your employer to maintain your clean driving record, you may be interested disputing your violation instead of pleading guilty. If you do choose to dispute your violation, you may do so by either:

a) pleading your case for a possible deal, in lieu of points added to your driving record, or

b) fighting your Pelican Bay CDL at trial, in hopes of getting it dismissed.

No matter which of the above options you choose, the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno may be retained to assist you in the disputation of your violation in court. For over 20 years, our lawyers have provided exceptional legal defense against traffic tickets and city ordinance violations issued by police in North Texas. We understand that you as a CDL driver simply want to protect your clean record and remain on the job, and may be hired today to help you accomplish this goal.

Pelican Bay CDL Violations Disputed with Lawyer’s Help

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Overdue Pelican Bay CDL Violations Go Into Warrant

Traffic tickets are written every day in Pelican Bay, Texas and neighboring Tarrant County towns. No matter how trivial your Pelican Bay CDL violation may appear at first glance, it is extremely demanding of your attention, and must be responded to in due time. If it is not responded to at all, but simply neglected to the point that it goes past due, do not be surprised if the Pelican Bay Municipal Court takes disciplinary action against you. In particular, the court may penalize you for your overdue citation by issuing a warrant for your arrest. A traffic warrant issued for you is just as serious as it sounds. Unless lifted, and as soon as possible, it may eventually lead to your arrest and incarceration (including during the Great Texas Warrant Roundup). This outcome would not, of course, be in the best interest of your career, as you could not continue your work as a professional CDL driver from behind bars. In a worst-case scenario, you could even lose your job. Fortunately, if you are now looking to avoid arrest, Jack Byno & Associates may be of service to you. For over 20 years, we have offered to lift warrants and post bonds on behalf of our qualified CDL and Class C clients, and may be retained to provide you with these legal services.

Pelican Bay Traffic Warrants Lifted by Tarrant County Attorney

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