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CDL Holders In Northlake Take Trucking Violations To Court

It is the responsibility of all drivers, both Class C and commercial, in Denton County and surrounding communities to obey traffic law while behind the wheel. If traffic law is broken, one can expect to be pulled over and written a traffic ticket by police. Are you a CDL driver who has been written a CDL or trucking violation while behind the wheel in the Denton County City of Northlake? Whether or not you were written your citation at a D.O.T. stop, or for speeding, failing to yield right of way, or violating a weight limit, you must respond to your violation, and by the date it is due. You may do so in one of two ways: you may either plead guilty to your offense (and allow points to be added to your driving record), or you may take legal action to dispute your violation in court. Because pleading guilty and letting points blemish your otherwise clean driving record may not be in the best interest of your career, you may want to consider instead challenging your charges in court. If you do choose the latter option, Jack Byno & Associates may be of service to you. Since 1994, the year our law firm was first established in North Texas, we have helped truckers and other CDL holders just like you dispute their violations by either:

  • Fighting their tickets at trial, or
  • Seeking a favorable plea agreement

Note: Should you opt to seek a plea agreement, you may not be required to appear in court alongside us, but should you opt for a trial, be prepared to appear.

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Challenging your Denton County CDL violation

Overdue Northlake CDL Violations Go Into Warrant

Traffic tickets are common violations and written everyday in Denton County. That said, however trivial your violation may seem, it can quickly spiral into a more serious matter if left alone for too long. Let’s say that you have not yet responded to a CDL or trucking violation that you received in the Denton County City of Northlake. If your citation is now overdue, the Northlake Municipal Court, which does not tolerate overdue traffic violations of any kind, may be prompted to issue a warrant for your arrest as a penalty. Once a traffic warrant is out for you, your case is more serious than it was previously, as you could be taken into custody at potentially any time. And from behind bars, you would be unable to work, and your career as a professional driver could be jeopardized.

If a traffic warrant has been issued for you by the court, and in the case that it remains out for you now, do not let another moment go by without picking up the phone and calling Jack Byno & Associates. Among other traffic-related legal services provided, our experienced traffic ticket lawyers offer to lift traffic warrants and post bonds on behalf of our eligible clients, whether they be commercial or Class C. If we are able to lift your Northlake traffic warrant for you, and are also able to post your bond, your arrest because of your warrant will no longer be possible, and you may expect to be defended by us later in court, at a hearing scheduled for you.

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