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The Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno is a reputable traffic law firm with more than 20 years of experience in North Texas. Since the establishment of our practice in 1994, we have defended drivers in towns all across the DFW metroplex, including the Denton County City of Northeast, Texas. We provide defense against a wide variety of traffic-related legal services, including:

  • Speeding tickets/similar moving violations
  • Traffic warrants
  • Trucking violations
  • City ordinance citations

We have previously defended both Class C and CDL drivers in the Northeast Municipal Court, and understand that you simply want to protect your driving record against points if at all possible. If you are looking for professional guidance through your traffic-related legal troubles, we may be retained to provide you with that guidance.

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Speeding Warrants Issued to Northeast Drivers

Have you been written a speeding ticket in Northeast, Texas? If so, and although your violation may seem like a trivial, unimportant matter, it is serious and demanding of your attention. By the due date specified on your citation, you must respond to it by either pleading guilty to speeding, or by challenging your charges in court. Although pleading guilty to driving over the speed limit in Northeast may seem like the easiest course of action for you to take, points will be added irreversibly to your driving record if you do so. In contrast, points may very well be kept off your record if you would only take action to dispute your violation. While Jack Byno & Associates may be able to help you dispute your Northeast speeding ticket in court, if you do not respond to your violation at all, but simply allow it to go past due, the Municipal Court may be prompted to issue a warrant for your arrest. If a traffic warrant is now out for you in that city, our law firm may still be of service to you. We may be able to get your warrant lifted, so that your arrest may be avoided.

Get Your Denton County Speeding Warrant Lifted

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Northeast CDL Violations Challenged with Attorney’s Help

Maybe you are a bus driver, emergency vehicle operator, or interstate trucker who holds a commercial driver’s license for work purposes. As a CDL holder, you strive at all times while behind the wheel to obey traffic law, not only for your own safety and the safety of other drivers around you, but for the security of your job as well. That said, let’s assume that recently you were caught speeding or otherwise breaking the law while on duty in Northeast. If you were consequently written a CDL or trucking violation, you may be afraid that your violation will end up as points on your driving record, thus placing the career on the line. Before your fears become a reality, consider contacting the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno. We know what it takes to defend drivers in the Northeast Municipal Court, and may even be able to appear on your behalf therein.

Denton County Trucking Violations Disputed

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