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North Richland Hills Traffic Warrant Roundup Lawyer

Tarrant County, Texas Traffic Ticket Lawyer .

Did you receive a notice from the North Richland Hills Municipal Court stating you have a warrant for your arrest? Jack Byno & Associates have represented clients with traffic warrants, speeding tickets, CDL violations, occupational driver’s licenses, driver’s license suspension hearings and other traffic citations. They have been posting bonds and lifting traffic warrants in the City of North Richland Hills since 1994.  Contact Jack Byno & Associates to lift your Tarrant County, Texas traffic warrants today. .


North Richland Hills Annual Warrant Roundup .

North Richland Hills Police Department is located right off the Highway 820 W. They are known for setting speed traps right where the construction starts and the speed limit goes down. Needless to say they issue hundreds of tickets a week. Many people forget about these tickets and they go into warrant status. North Richland Hills is one of more than 250 cities that participate in the Annual Statewide Warrant Roundup. This means Police officials make extra efforts to arrest anyone with traffic warrants during this time. Contact us to help you lift your warrants so you will not become a target during the Annual Statewide Warrant Roundup. .


Jack Byno & Associates Lift Traffic Warrants .

Hiring an experienced traffic lawyer can help you get your outstanding traffic warrants lifted. After retaining Jack Byno & Associates we will send the North Richland Hills Municipal Court bonds to lift your warrant and a letter of representation letting the court know you retained an attorney. Once the court posts the bonds and the warrants are lifted they will set your case for court and the attorney will appear at that court date on your behalf so you will not have to appear. At that court date the attorney will sit down with the North Richland Hills prosecutor and work out the best possible deal to keep the violation off of your driving record. We will then notify you of the outcome and instructions on how to pay your fine to the court. Contact me to lift your warrants to avoid an arrest. .


More about the  Approaching Warrant Roundup.

Contacting Jack Byno to Lift Traffic Warrants .

Jack Byno & Associates have represented clients in Tarrant County and surrounding counties since 1994. The firm exclusively does traffic related cases such as driver’s license suspension hearings, occupational driver’s licenses, traffic warrants, CDL violations, speeding tickets and other traffic violations. If you would like and experienced traffic ticket attorney to help you with your North Richland Hills citation contact Jack Byno & Associates. .

Special note : The statewide warrant roundup has begun! There are a lot more  cities participating in the Great Texas Warrant Roundup. .


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Fines and court costs are not included in fees for legal representation.

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