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Navarro Traffic Ticket Attorney

City of Navarro, Texas, Traffic Ticket Attorney

At Jack Byno & Associates, we dedicate our time to helping people with their City of Navarro traffic tickets, traffic warrants, or CDL violations since 1994. We help our clients keep traffic citations off their driving record, by appearing at court on their behalf and speaking to the Judge for them. If you need assistance with any kind of Navarro County traffic case, contact me to get representation from an attorney with experience.

Navarro Traffic Ticket Lawyer Defends Speeding Tickets

When you receive a Navarro speeding ticket, you do not want to just mail payment to the court. If you do so, you may be admitting guilt to the case and by doing so you will unintentionally put points on your driving record. When you hire our office, our main goal is keeping your speeding and other traffic tickets off your driving record. We will request a court date to appear on your behalf and attempt to plea your case to deferred adjudication. By doing so you will need to pay your fee to the court and be on probation for a certain amount of time. So long as you do not receive a traffic ticket during that time the speeding citation will be kept off your record. For more information about defending your Navarro County speeding tickets contact me.

Attorney Defends Traffic Warrants In The City Of Navarro

If you have an unpaid Navarro, Texas, traffic ticket, it could be that you have an outstanding traffic warrant for your arrest. When this happens you are uncomfortable, even scared to drive to work or run errands because you can get arrested at any time. To prevent being arrested, you can retain our law firm, we will post bond and get your Navarro traffic warrants lifted within three business days. We will attempt to work out a deal with the court in order to keep the violation off your driving record. Contact me before you get arrested!

Special note: The statewide warrant roundup has begun! There are a lot more cities participating in the Great Texas Warrant Roundup.

CDL Violations Defended by Experienced Attorney

If you have a commercial driver’s license you understand that in the State of Texas, you are not allowed to take a defensive driving class or apply for deferred adjudication. You can hire Jack Byno & Associates to attempt to keep the CDL and trucking violations in order to reduce the impact on your driving record. We do not guarantee any outcomes cases, but our experienced attorneys will try their best. You will also have the option to fight your ticket. Contact me to discuss your CDL violations.

Get Help From Jack Byno

If you have a speeding ticket, an outstanding traffic warrant, CDL violation, or a driver’s license suspension hearing contact me. Since 1994, Jack Byno & Associates has represented clients in Navarro County, Texas.


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