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Midlothian CDL Defense Lawyer

In Midlothian, Texas, CDL Drivers Look to Challenge Violations

In the Ellis County City of Midlothian, drivers caught breaking traffic law are pulled over every day by law enforcement. At the discretion of police, Class C motorists or commercial drivers may be pulled over. In the case that you do hold a commercial driver’s license (CDL) for work as a bus driver, trucker, or other professional driver, you may be more concerned than the average, Class C motorist about a ticket that you have received in Midlothian, Texas. You may have been issued such a citation at a D.O.T. stop along your route, for over weight violations or for a moving violation such as speeding. No matter the reason behind the issuance of your violation, Jack Byno & Associates may be able to assist you in challenging your violation in court. Challenging your charges may be wiser than pleading guilty to them, as point added to your otherwise clean driving record may blemish your reputation as a responsible driver. Our traffic ticket lawyers, who have been in practice since 1994, may be retained to either plead your case for a possible deal, or to fight it at trial.

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When Midlothian CDL Violations Go Into Warrant Status

When a Class C or CDL motorist is written a traffic ticket in Midlothian or any other Ellis County town, it becomes the responsibility of that motorist to respond to their violation by the date it is due. But as a CDL driver who has been written a trucking violation by Midlothian police, pleading guilty to your charges (and allowing points to blemish your driving record) may not be an option for you to consider. But even though disputing your violation may be the only course of action for you to take, let’s assume that you have not responded to your Midlothian CDL or trucking violation at all. Let’s say that you have instead allowed it to go past due, prompting action on the part of the Midlothian Municipal Court. Has the court issued a warrant for your arrest as a penalty for your overdue citation? Then your warrant must be lifted before your are arrested, and your career placed on the line. A traffic ticket lawyer who has served the greater Dallas- Fort Worth metroplex for more than 20 years, Jack Byno & Associates may be retained to lift your traffic warrant for you, and to post bond for you.

Has Your Midlothian CDL Violation Gone Into Warrant?

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