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Marysville, Texas Traffic Ticket Attorney

The Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno is a North Texas-based firm that specializes in defense against traffic tickets and related legal issues. For over 20 years, we have helped motorists in towns all across the great DFW region, including in the Cooke County City of Marysville, protect their driving records from points otherwise accumulated over traffic citations. We often help drivers, both Class C and CDL, deal with speeding tickets, traffic warrants, and even city ordinance violations. We may be retained to help you with any of these issues should you require such professional assistance.

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Drivers Written Tickets for Speeding in Marysville, Texas

Speeding tickets are a common traffic violation, and written to drivers on a daily basis in towns all across the greater Dallas- Fort Worth metroplex. If you have been written a speeding citation in the town of Marysville, it is your responsibility to respond to it by the date it is due, either pleading guilty to it or challenging it in court. While pleading guilty to your violation may seem the easier option of the two, points will be added to your driving record permanently if you choose that course of action. In contrast, if you choose to dispute your speeding ticket, your record may be protected from points. Jack Byno & Associates may be able to help you dispute your violation if you feel that you would benefit from such assistance. We may either plead your case for a possible deal, or fight your ticket at trial in an effort to get it dismissed.

Marysville Speeding Tickets Fought in Court

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When Marysville Traffic Violations Go Into Warrant

As a licensed driver, if you are subjected to a traffic stop and written a ticket for any offense, it is up to you to respond to your violation by the date it is due. If you are written a ticket in the City of Marysville, but forget about it or otherwise fail to respond to it, it may go into warrant. This means that the Marysville Municipal Court may issue a warrant for your arrest as a penalty for your overdue violation. Has a traffic warrant already been issued for you by the court in Marysville? Are you afraid that your arrest is now imminent because of your warrant? Then before your fears become a reality, you need to act quickly to ensure that your warrant is lifted. This is a task that the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno may be retained to assist you with. We may be able to lift your Marysville warrant for you, and post bond for you as well as a promise to defend you later in court.

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CDL Drivers Look to Challenge Cooke County Violations

Maybe recently, while behind the wheel in Marysville with your commercial driver’s license, you were discovered to be violating traffic law in some way. If you were consequently written a CDL violation for your offense, you may be more concerned about your citation than the average, Class C driver would be. This is because you as a CDL holder must maintain your clean driving record for work purposes. If you were to plead guilty to your charges, points subsequently added to your clean record would showcase your inability to drive safely while on duty. In a worst-case scenario, you could even lose your job as a trucker, bus driver, or other professional motorist. It may therefore be in your better interest to challenge your CDL violation in court. You do not have to attempt to do so on your own; Jack Byno and Associates may be able to help you do so. If work obligations keep you out of the court room, we may even be able to appear therein on your behalf, as your legal representative, in an effort to defend your clean record and means of living.

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