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Lawyer Takes On Lancaster CDL And Trucking Violations

Truckers, bus drivers, and even emergency vehicle operators are all individuals who hold commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs) for work purposes. Do you hold a CDL for work as a professional driver? Then you most likely make it a point to maintain your clean driving record, as proof of your ability to drive safely while behind the wheel and on the job. Even so, perhaps you were recently pulled over by police in Lancaster while on the road with your CDL. No matter the reason you were subjected to your traffic stop, whether it be for speeding, weight limit violations, running a red light or stop sign, or any other traffic violation, you may have been issued a CDL or trucking violation as a penalty for your offense. You must respond to your ticket by the date it is due, lest it go into warrant status. Should you decide against pleading guilty to your ticket, Jack Byno & Associates, a DFW-based law firm with more than 20 years of experience, may be retained to assist you in challenging your ticket in court.

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Fighting Lancaster, Texas, CDL Violations in Court

Professional motorists who hold commercial driver’s licenses may be more concerned about a traffic ticket written to them in the City of Lancaster than an average, Class C motorist may. This is because you as a CDL driver are required to keep your driving record spotless. In the case that you have been written a CDL or moving violation in Lancaster, Texas, you may therefore be hesitant to plead guilty to your violation, as points will be added irreversibly to your driving record if you do so. Fortunately, you have another option to consider when it comes to responding to your Lancaster violation. You may consider challenging it in a court of law, and even as a commercial motorist, with assistance provided by Jack Byno & Associates. Our lawyers, who have been defending CDL motorists in Dallas County courts since the founding of our law firm in 1994, may be retained to either plead your case for a possible deal or to fight it at trial. If you decide to hire us to fight your CDL violation in court, at an official trial setting, you may be required to appear therein with us in order to give your testimony. Should you opt for a plea deal, you may not be required to appear therein with us. While your case remains active in court, however, we would advise you to be aware of DOT stops along your work route, as well as traffic law in general.

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Overdue Lancaster CDL Violations Go Into Warrant

In Lancaster, Texas, when a driver does not respond to a traffic ticket written to them by city police in due time, it may go into warrant status. In other words, the Lancaster Municipal Court, which does not tolerate past-due violations, may be prompted to issue a warrant for your arrest. A traffic warrant issued for you is just as serious as it sounds and, unless lifted, may very well lead to your arrest and incarceration in the very near future. If you are arrested, your case is obviously more serious than it was before, as you will be behind bars and unable to drive for work. If you are hoping to steer clear of arrest if at all possible, there is only one way that you may be able to do so, and this is by acting fast to ensure that your warrant is lifted. Jack Byno & Associates, which has gotten warrants lifted and posted bonds on behalf of CDL and Class C drivers alike in Dallas County for over 20 years, may be retained to assist you in getting your warrant lifted, so that your arrest may be avoided. We may also post bond for you, as a promise to defend you at a later date in court.

Lancaster Traffic Warrants Lifted For Commercial Motorists

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