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Kennedale Traffic Ticket Attorney


City of Kennedale, Texas Traffic Ticket Attorney

I am Jack Byno, a Kennedale traffic ticket attorney that has been representing clients with traffic citations in  Tarrant County since 1994. Our lawyers can appear in court for you, work out the best deal we can, and then notify you of the outcome. Your appearance will not be needed in court unless your case is set for trial. Usually, our lawyers can work out a probation on your traffic tickets. Assuming you qualify for the probation and successfully complete it, the case will be dismissed at the end of the  probation period.  Contact me for representation with your Kennedale traffic warrants, CDL violations, and  driver’s license suspension hearings.


Kennedale, Texas Speeding Ticket Lawyer

I am Jack Byno, a speeding ticket defense lawyer that represents clients in  Kennedale, Texas. Not every driver qualifies for probation on a  speeding ticket . You do not qualify if you have a commercial driver’s license, were charged with speeding in a construction zone with workers present, had a deferred disposition recently, or if the speed you are accused of is too excessive. Most people are eligible, and in that situation, our lawyers can appear in court on your behalf and workout the best deal we can.  Contact me to determine if you qualify for probation on a speeding ticket in Tarrant County.


Kennedale, Texas Traffic Warrants Lifted By Attorneys

A traffic ticket can have severe consequences in Kennedale, Texas. It can lead to higher insurance rates, state surcharges, and suspension of driving privileges. Some people get frustrated by the process or choose to ignore their traffic tickets and they go into warrant status. The  Kennedale Municipal Court takes part in the  statewide warrant roundup and actively looks to arrest all people that have warrants in Tarrant County.  Contact the attorneys of Jack Byno & Associates to lift your Kennedale traffic warrants.


Kennedale Commercial Drivers License Defense Lawyers

Did you get a traffic citation from the  Kennedale Police Department while driving a big truck? If you are a truck driver you need your  commercial driver’s license in order to maintain your job. Jack Byno is a traffic ticket lawyer that has been representing CDL holders in Tarrant County since 1994. You have options with CDL and trucking violations.  Contact the attorney that knows how to help with a Kennedale traffic ticket.


Contact a Kennedale, Texas Traffic Ticket Attorney

The Great Texas Warrant Roundup is happening right now in Tarrant County, Texas. Don’t be a Kennedale arrest statistic. Lift your traffic warrants today and have a traffic ticket attorney represent you in court. Jack Byno has been representing clients in Kennedale, Texas since 1994. If you have a speeding ticket or you need a traffic warrant lifted  contact me today . Our experienced lawyers can also assist you with CDL violations and  driver’s license suspension hearings .
Special note : The statewide warrant roundup has begun! More about  Texas Statewide Warrant Roundup .
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