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Do You Need Representation In The City Of Josephine?

If you need representation in the City of  Josephine, Texas the law office of Jack Byno & Associates can help you. Jack Byno has helped clients in the Collin County area since 1994. He specializes in speeding tickets, traffic warrants, CDL violations, as well as, driver’s license suspension hearingsContact me to get help with your Josephine traffic tickets.

Speeding Ticket Defense Lawyer In Josephine, Texas 
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Worried About A Josephine Speeding Ticket?

Do not just pay your Josephine  speeding ticket! If you simply mail the  Josephine Municipal Court a check for payment of the violation, that is a plea of guilty and you will have put the speeding ticket on your driving record. You can retain our lawyers to help you try to keep the speeding ticket off your record, by pleading your case to probation, also known as, “deferred adjudication.” By doing so you will have to follow our verbal and written instructions of paying a fee to the court and not receiving any traffic related violations for a certain amount of time. We will also try to reduce the fine amounts, but depending on your speed it will be up to the court.  Contact me to discuss your speeding tickets.

Collin County Traffic Warrants Lifted By Attorneys 
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Forget About A Josephine Traffic Ticket?

If you forgot about the due date on your Josephine traffic citation, or if you simply decided to not handle it, there is a probability the Josephine Municipal Court has issued a Warrant for your arrest. You can avoid being arrested by hiring an attorney to lift your  traffic warrant. Jack Byno & Associates we can post an Attorney Bond and get the warrant lifted. By doing so we will be reopening the case in order to appear in court on your behalf and try to keep the violation off your driving record. You must keep in mind that because the citation was in warrant status the fines do tend to go up. Our lawyers will try to lessen the fees owed to the court for you. AVOID BEING ARRESTED by the  Josephine Police DepartmentContact me today!

Josephine, Texas CDL Violation Defense Lawyers 
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Concerned About Your Commercial Driver’s License?

We are attorneys with plenty of experience representing drivers in Collin County, Texas that hold a commercial driver’s license. When you have a CDL it is crucial that you keep your driving record clean. Distinct from most drivers, a CDL holders cannot take a defensive driving class or a deferred disposition. In most cases, if you hire the attorneys of Jack Byno & Associates we can work our an agreement on your behalf to diminish the impact on your  CDL and trucking violations. If that fails, we can be retained to fight your Josephine speeding ticket in a trial.  Contact me as soon as possible to discuss your CDL and trucking violations.

Traffic Ticket Attorney With Experience In Collin County 
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Contact Me!

My name is Jack Byno and I have represented clients with all types of traffic tickets in  Collin County, Texassince 1994. My associates and I can help you fight your speeding tickets, lift your warrants, and defend your CDL violations.  Contact me to discuss your Josephine traffic tickets!

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Fines and court costs are not included in fees for legal representation.

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