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Grandview Traffic Ticket Attorney

City Of Grandview, Texas Traffic Ticket Lawyers

I am Jack Byno and I am a  Johnson County, Texas traffic ticket attorney. While I handle all types of traffic citations in the City of Grandview, the most common things I see are speeding tickets, CDL violations, and traffic warrants. I have been representing my clients in the traffic court since 1994 and the biggest error I see people make is just paying a speeding ticket. If you just pay it, that is considered a plea of guilty and the violation may appear on your driving record. Once on a driving record you will be subject to higher insurance rates, state surcharges, and it may lead to a  driver’s license suspension . If you need help with your Grandview traffic ticket,  contact the attorneys of Jack Byno & Associates.


Attorneys Defend Johnson County, Texas Speeding Tickets

When you have a speeding ticket in  Grandview, Texas in most cases I can work out a deal for deferred disposition. Not everyone qualifies for it, but most driver’s do. It is a type of probation that, assuming you successfully complete it, will end in your  speeding citation being dismissed. People that cannot take the deferred disposition include, truck driver’s, speeding way too fast, and frequent flyers (you are a regular at the Grandview traffic court).  Contact me to determine if deferred disposition is the right strategy for your Johnson County case.


Traffic Ticket Lawyer Post Bonds & Lifts Grandview Traffic Warrants

Did you receive a speeding ticket or some other moving violation in the City of Grandview and forget about it or just put it off? If you went past the appearance due date on the citation, in all likelihood the Grandview Municipal Court has issued a warrant for your arrest. If you have received notice that your speeding ticket has gone into warrant status, you will need to dispose of it quickly to avoid arrest. The statewide warrant round will begin soon.  Contact the lawyers of Jack Byno & Associates to lift speeding and other traffic warrants in Johnson County, Texas.
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Johnson County, Texas CDL & Trucking Violation Defense Lawyer

I am Jack Byno, a Grandview, Texas traffic ticket attorney and since 1994 I have been representing clients with CDLs in the municipal courts of Johnson County, Texas. When you have a  CDL or trucking violation ticket in Grandview, you need a lawyer with experience in the courtroom, as well as one that understands what you are facing if convicted. If you have a CDL and you need a traffic ticket attorney,  contact me .

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Except for CDL violations, in most cases I can go to court on your behalf and plea your case to a deferred disposition (probation). The conditions are simple, assuming you qualify. Do not get any more speeding ticket or other traffic tickets during the probation period, pay your court fees on time, take a defensive driving class if you are under 25, and sometimes submit an affidavit of compliance to the court. I have been representing clients in Johnson County since 1994 and can help you with your traffic ticket, lift your warrants, and fight your  driver’s license suspension Contact me to discuss your Grandview speeding tickets.
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