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Godley Traffic Ticket Attorney

City Of Godley, Texas Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Jack Byno & Associates, Godley, Texas traffic ticket attorneys represent clients in all of the municipal courts of Johnson County. The majority of the issues I see include CDL violations, traffic warrants,  driver’s license suspension hearings, and speeding tickets. By hiring my firm, my attorneys can appear in court on your behalf and plead your ticket to the best deal available. Typically, we can keep the citation off of your driving record, thus saving you state surcharges and increased insurance rates. Contact me to discuss your Godley traffic ticket.

Godley, Texas Speeding Ticket Defense Attorneys</h2.

Godley is located in the northeast portion of Johnson County. It is not a very heavily traveled area, but the local police and the County Sheriff’s office write a fair amount of speeding tickets. Your primary concern with any traffic violation should be keeping it off of your driving record. In most cases, one of the lawyers of our firm can appear in court on your behalf and work out a plea agreement that will result in deferred disposition. A fancy legal way of saying, “probation.” If you are eligible for and complete the probation the speeding ticket will not appear on your driving record. Of course, you will have court fees to pay and you may have other terms of probation related to the facts of your individual case. Contact me, an experienced Godley traffic ticket attorney to discuss your case.


Godley Warrant Roundup Issues Resolved By Lawyers

If you have a traffic ticket in Godley and you fail to take care of it on time the  Godley Municipal Court will issue a warrant for your arrest. This will subject you to being arrested during the Johnson County Warrant Roundup. In order to avoid being arrested, you can retain the attorneys of Jack Byno & Associates to post bond and lift your traffic warrants. Once the bond is posted, your case will begin anew and you have all the same rights in court that you had before the warrant went out.  Contact our lawyers to post bond.


CDL Violations Defended By Experienced Godley Attorney

Unlike most driver’s, CDL holders are not eligible for probation or defensive driving on traffic tickets. If you have a  commercial driver’s license your livelihood is on the line, every time you get a traffic ticket. My name is Jack Byno and I have been defensing CDL traffic tickets since 1994. I cannot make you any promises or guarantees to the outcome of your case, but you will have a difficult time finding another attorney that has more experience representing truck drivers than me.  Contact me to discuss how I can help you with your Godley traffic tickets.

Jack Byno Godley, Texas Traffic Ticket Lawyer

I have represented clients with traffic tickets in Johnson County, Texas, since 1994. If you have a Godley speeding ticket or need a traffic warrant lifted contact me. Our firm can also represent you with other traffic violations, including  no insurance violations and  school zone citations.
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