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Gainesville Driver’s License Suspension Attorney

Jack Byno Gainesville Driver’s License Suspension Attorney

Throughout over two and a half decades, the Gainesville Driver’s License Suspension Attorney has come to the aid of a variety of drivers who needed their suspension charges fought. Many times, such allegations do not have to come to fruition and cause someone to stay off the road. Our law firm here at Jack Byno & Associates has worked diligently to provide the best legal representation possible in order to fight such charges. We have even regularly been able to obtain an ODL (Occupational Driver’s License) for many people who may have already landed with a suspension. To see what can be done for you, do not hesitate to contact me at this time.

Jack Byno is a former judge with over 25 years of experience in handling cases similar to your own. With our team of law professionals, we will jump through every hoop necessary in order to gain the best outcome possible. For some, we are even able to complete this process without a need to drag them along in order to bring their case to a close. That means many clients have avoided attending any court dates and often gained the results they wanted still. To see if we can also do the same for you, do not wait to complete one of our online forms located on our contact me page, to call us by phone, or to pay us a visit in person during normal operating hours.

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Occupation Driver’s License Granted in Gainesville

If you are suspended from driving, there is a temporary period of time where it is illegal for you to get behind the wheel. So if you have a suspension, how do you still get to your job? Our law firm have regularly attained an Occupation Driver’s License for many of those in such a situation. Also known as an Essential Need License, this is a solution that allows many people to still be able to drive to work, go to school, get groceries, attend doctor’s visits, and do other necessary life activities. Should you wish to find out what can be done for you, call us today. Know that Commercial Driver’s License holders will be unable to gain such a license, but if you can fight the suspension or need help with a traffic ticket, contact me, the Gainesville CDL Defense Lawyer now.

Our Attorney Fights Gainesville Driver’s License Suspensions

Keep in mind that driver’s license suspensions are not yet on a driving record when first issued. In fact, the Gainesville Traffic Ticket Attorney is often able to attend court dates throughout Cooke County without need of a client present. In such cases, many drivers were often able to attain the dismissal of such charges without need of stepping foot in the local courtrooms. As well, a probation is not feasible for many cases. There is often the stipulation that more traffic ticket convictions cannot be gained. Since we specialize in handling such matters, contact me and let us fight any tickets before they end up as convictions and violates your suspension.

What are Driver’s License Revocations?

Suspensions are a temporary ban from driving while a revocation is a permanent one. Those who gained a driver’s license revocation will have gotten one either via the DPS’ decision or because of a medical condition that will not improve, such a blindness. If you have a chance to you’re your license before it is revoked, then reach out to Jack Byno & Associates today. We have over 25 years of experience in handling cases much like your own, with the track record of success many Gainesville residents look for, so contact me now.

Civil, Criminal, and Administrative Law Review Suspensions

For criminal suspensions, those can be issued for gaining a DWI or a Driving While License Suspended conviction. These are take up with the criminal court in the city where the charges were dealt with, so if you gained yours in the North Texas area, then reach out to our lawyers. However, civil suspensions can be gained from having two or more “no insurance” convictions, causing an accident with proper insurance coverage, or even from being found guilty of too many traffic ticket charges. These can often be fought through the efforts of our law office in and around the Farmersville area, so do not hesitate to contact me to take on your case and find the best outcome possible.

Occasionally an ALR (Administrative Law Review) may place. This occurs from a breath test that someone either refused to take or ended up taking and failing. The process to validate the charges take into account every aspect of the situation in order to come to the conclusion as to whether the officer was justified in their actions. Should you wish to find out what all may happen for you, contact me and let’s discuss your case today.

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After two and a half decades of experience in handling cases nearly identical to your own, we have often allowed many people to avoid suspensions and often even gained Occupational Driver’s Licenses in order to let them continue with their day-to-day lives. Should you wish to seek out our help and find out how we might be able to benefit you in a similar way, contact me, the Gainesville Driver’s License Suspension Attorney, and discuss the details of your case with one of our legal representatives now.

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About Gainesville, Texas:

– The City of Gainesville became officially incorporated in February of the year 1863.

– Gainesville, TX was originally called “Liberty” by the man who originally offered up his track of land to start the community.

– Camp Howze was a military base established in Gainesville in response to World War II.

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