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Frisco Traffic Warrant Roundup Lawyer

City of Frisco, Texas Traffic Ticket Attorney

I am Jack Byno, a lawyer that represents clients with traffic tickets in  Frisco, Texas and all of Collin County. Most traffic citations in Frisco are “Class C” Misdemeanors. Do not make the mistake, as so many do, and just pay your  speeding ticket that is in warrant. Yes, paying it will clear the warrant, but by pleading guilty and paying the fine, the citation will now appear on your driving record. Too many convictions can result in a  suspension of your driver’s licenseContact the attorneys of Jack Byno & Associates to lift your traffic warrants before the statewide warrant roundup begins.

Lawyer Lifts Collin County Speeding Ticket Warrants

A speeding ticket can have severe consequences in the  Frisco Municipal Court. It can lead state surcharges, increased insurance rates, and possibly suspension of driving privileges. If your Collin County speeding ticket has gone to warrant, the lawyers of Jack Byno & Associates can post bond, lift the  traffic warrant, and plead your case to the best deal we can make on your behalf.  Contact an attorney to lift your warrant before the statewide warrant round up catches up with you.

Frisco, Texas Participates in the Statewide Warrant Roundup

Over 250 law enforcement agencies from around Texas participate in the Frisco  Warrant Roundup. Collin County is getting ready to kick off its mass arrests of people with outstanding traffic warrants. Thousands of drivers in the greater Dallas – Fort Worth area will be arrested. Jack Byno has been representing clients in  Collin County, Texas since 1994 and can help you lift your traffic warrants.  Contact me today to see what can be done to help you.

CDL Holders With Traffic Warrants Defended By Lawyers in Frisco

Do you have a  commercial driver’s license? Did you get a speeding ticket or some other traffic citation? Did it go into warrant status? You drive for a living. It is imperative that you be able to keep driving without incident or arrest. Jack Byno has been representing CDL holders in Collin County since 1994 and understands what is at stake for you. The Frisco warrant roundup is fast approaching.  Contact an experienced lawyer to help you with your CDL violations.

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Jack Byno has been representing clients in Collin County, Texas  since 1994. Our law firm is devoted to the defense of speeding tickets, CDL violations, lifting traffic warrants, and defending driver’s license suspension hearings.  Contact our attorneys if you need help with a Frisco traffic ticket that has gone to warrant.