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Farmersville Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Defending Clients in Farmersville, Texas, for CDL Violations

If you have been issued a traffic ticket in Farmersville, Texas, or charged with a matter involving a motor vehicle violation, as a CDL holder, you may lose your driving privileges, pay significant fines, and/or lose your job. Even a simple speeding ticket may cost you your job.

Jack Byno, traffic ticket and CDL defense attorney, provides assertive and accomplished traffic ticket defense for truckers and other commercial vehicle drivers holding a commercial driver’s license (CDL).

Were you pulled over for speeding in Farmersville, Texas? Were you issued a traffic ticket in the Collin County area?

For more information on getting your Farmersville area speeding tickets handled and your warrants lifted, contact me.

Farmersville Traffic Warrants

Do you have a pending speeding ticket somewhere in Collin County, Texas? I am attorney Jack Byno and I have been representing clients with traffic tickets and warrants in Collin County for two decades. I can assist you with all traffic violations, including, but not limited to speedingno insurance (FMFR)NTTADriver’s License Suspensions, and school zone violations.

More about Help With Texas Speeding Tickets.

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If you received a traffic ticket in the City of Farmersville, I can help you understand your options.  Contact me today for a consultation with a Farmersville, Texas, area attorney.


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