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Everman Traffic Ticket Attorney

City of Everman, Texas Traffic Ticket Lawyers

I am Jack Byno, a traffic attorney that has been practicing in  Everman, Texas since 1994. Over the years traffic tickets have become more specialized. Laws are being enhanced by our state legislature to collect fees for traffic tickets. The attorneys of my law firm can assist you with your speeding tickets, lift traffic warrants, defend CDL violations, and fight  driver’s license suspension hearings Contact the lawyers of Jack Byno & Associates for assistance with your Everman traffic tickets.

Do You Have a Speeding Ticket in Everman, Texas

While driving in  Tarrant County, Texas did you hear a siren? Did you look in your rearview mirror and see an Everman police officer? After being pulled over, the police officer probably asked for your proof of insurance and driver’s license. After looking over your papers, he most likely wrote you a  speeding ticket . Now what do you do? Do you pay the speeding ticket? Do you take a defensive driving class? Do you take the traffic ticket to trial? You have options!  Contact the lawyers at Jack Byno & Associates to learn what can be done with your Everman speeding tickets.

Do You Have a Warrant in Tarrant County, Texas

Sometimes people just do not take care of their Everman, Texas traffic tickets on time. Sometimes there is a good reason and other times there is not. Once a traffic ticket goes past due and a warrant is issued the process is the same. If you retain services of Jack Byno & Associates, I will post an attorney bond to  lift the warran t. Once you are out of warrant status, the  Everman Municipal Court will give me a court date. I will appear on your behalf and work out the best deal I can. Then I will notify you of the outcome. Contact an experienced Everman traffic ticket attorney.


Special note : The statewide warrant roundup has begun! More about  Texas Statewide Warrant Roundup .

Do You Have a CDL Violation in Everman, Texas?

I am Jack Byno, Attorney at Law and I only represent clients with traffic tickets in Everman and other Dallas – Fort Worth area traffic courts. Other attorneys dabble with traffic tickets, but not the lawyers of Jack Byno & Associates. A large percentage of our clients have a  commercial driver’s license . We have been representing CDL holders since 1994. When you get a traffic ticket from the  Everman Police Department contact the attorneys with CDL experience in Tarrant County, Texas.

Contact An Everman, Texas Traffic Ticket Attorney

I have been representing clients in Everman, Texas and the rest of Tarrant County since 1994. If you have a speeding ticket or you need a traffic warrant lifted  contact me . The experienced attorneys of my law firm can also assist you with CDL violations and  driver’s license suspension hearings .