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Desoto Traffic Warrant Roundup Lawyer

Desoto Municipal Court Traffic Ticket Lawyers

When the Desoto Warrant Roundup is in effect, you need a lawyer with experience, like Jack Byno. I have represented clients in  Desoto, Texas since 1994. Every day, I am in traffic court in Dallas County and each time I am there for two main things: clients with speeding tickets and  traffic warrants. If you have a speeding ticket that has gone to warrant, the lawyers of Jack Byno & Associates can post bond and lift the warrant. We will then appear in court to plead your case and follow up to let you know the outcome.  Contact me to get your name removed from the Desoto Warrant Roundup.

Traffic Ticket Attorney Lifts Speeding Warrants in Desoto

Your primary concern if you have a speeding ticket should be keeping it off your driving record. Normally, the attorneys of Jack Byno & Associates can accomplish this by pleading your case to a deferred disposition. The  Desoto Municipal Court has few conditions of probation, you not have a CDL, pay your court fees on time, do not receive any other traffic tickets while on probation, and if you are under 25 you must take a driver’s safety class. If you have a  speeding ticket that has gone to warrant, we can still accomplish the deferred disposition, but we must first post bonds to lift your warrants.  Contact a lawyer so you will not need to fear the Desoto Warrant Roundup.

Desoto Lawyer Aids Drivers With The Warrant Roundup

Avoiding the  Desoto Police Department during the Great Texas Warrant Roundup may be problematic. It will be nerve racking having them come to your house, your job, and elsewhere. It is a lot easier to have an attorney post bond and lift your traffic warrants. Except for  CDL holders, in most cases we can keep your tickets off of your driving record simply by working out a deal with the prosecuting attorney.  Contact the attorneys of Jack Byno & Associates to lift your Desoto traffic warrants.
More about the  Approaching Warrant Roundup.

Desoto, Texas Warrant Roundup Attorneys

I am Jack Byno and I have represented clients with traffic tickets in  Dallas County, Texas since 1994. The Desoto Warrant Roundup is currently in progress and you need to take action before you get arrested. It is that clear. Take action. Do not wait. If you get arrested you will have no one to blame but yourself. The lawyers of my firm can assist you in lifting your traffic warrants today.  Contact us to get started.
Special note : The statewide warrant roundup has begun! There are a lot more  cities participating in the Great Texas Warrant Roundup.