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Attorney Takes On Dallas County Traffic Violations

For more than 20 years, Jack Byno & Associates has defended North Texas motorists against a wide variety of traffic-related legal issues, including speeding tickets, CDL and trucking violations, traffic warrants and city ordinance violations. We represent clients in communities all across the greater Dallas- Fort Worth area, including in Dallas County. If you are up against one or more of the aforementioned legal issues, and are worried that you would not be able to deal with them on your own, consider getting in touch with Jack Byno & Associates. We may be able to assist you in your efforts to keep your driving record clean.

Given A Speeding Ticket In Dallas County, Texas?

Speeding tickets are a common traffic violation and written on a daily basis in Dallas County, Texas. Perhaps you were recently written a citation for speeding while on the road in Dallas County, Texas. As a licensed driver, it is your responsibility to respond to your violation by the date it is due. You may respond to your charges in one of two ways. You may respond by pleading guilty to speeding, but points will be added to your driving record if you do so, and you will have to pay a hefty fine. Or, you may choose to challenge your violation, in hopes of defending your record against points. Jack Byno & Associates may be of service to you if you choose the latter option. You may retain us to either plead your case for a favorable deal, or to fight it at trial in an effort to get it dismissed.

Speeding Tickets Fought In Dallas County Justice Court

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Truckers Issued CDL Violations in Dallas County

Class C drivers are generally the motorists one sees pulled over at traffic stops in Dallas County, Texas. But any driver may be pulled over at the discretion of a law enforcement official, even a CDL driver behind the wheel of an eighteen-wheeler. Perhaps you are an interstate trucker, school bus driver, or other motorist who holds a commercial driver’s license for work purposes. If you have been pulled over at the discretion of law enforcement and written a speeding ticket or other traffic violation, while holding your CDL, you may be more concerned than the average driver would be about your violation. This is because you as a professional motorist must maintain your clean driving record as proof of your ability to drive safely while on the job. Because pleading guilty to your citation may not be in the best interest of your work, as points will be added to your record if you do so, you may now be considering disputing your charges instead. Remember that traffic ticket law firm may be retained to assist you in this endeavor. We may even be retained to appear in the Dallas County Justice Court for you if you are otherwise unable to appear yourself.

Issued A Traffic Warrant In Dallas County, Texas?

It is the responsibility of any driver written a traffic ticket in Dallas County to respond to a traffic citation issued by police, and by the due date specified on that citation. In the case that you have been written a traffic ticket it Dallas County, but have neither pleaded guilty to your offense nor taken the necessary legal action to challenge it, the Dallas County Justice of the Peace Court may soon issue a warrant for your arrest as a penalty. Maybe a traffic warrant has already been issued for you by the court, and now you are worried that your arrest is imminent. If so, consider taking legal action, and quickly, to get your warrant lifted. This is a task that may be carried out on your behalf by Jack Byno & Associates. We may be able to lift your Dallas County warrant for you and also post bond for you as a promise to represent you later in a court of law.

Get Your Dallas County Traffic Warrant Lifted

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