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Copeville Traffic Ticket Attorney


Copeville Speeding Ticket Defense Lawyer

Copeville, Texas is perhaps the smallest town in Collin County, Texas. If you should receive a speeding ticket there from a Copeville police officer, Collin county Sheriff’s deputy, or a Texas state trooper (DPS) do not hesitate to contact me. I am traffic ticket attorney, Jack Byno and I have been representing clients with speeding and other traffic violations in Collin County for two decades.

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Traffic Violation in Texas?
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Copeville, Texas Traffic Warrant Attorney

You do not want to be issued a ticket for a traffic violation when there is already an outstanding warrant for your arrest regarding a previous speeding or other ticket. The officer will run your driving record and see that you have an active warrant. You can guess what will happen next. . . You will find yourself being arrested and put in jail.

Avoid the shame and embarrassment of being arrested in Copeville or any other cities in Collin County.   Contact me today for a consultation with a lawyer.


Collin County, Texas CDL Traffic Violations Lawyer

If you have been issued a traffic ticket in Copeville, Texas or charged with a matter involving a motor vehicle violation, as a CDL holder , you may loose your driving privileges, pay significant fines, and/or lose your job. Even a simple speeding ticket may cost you your job. Jack Byno, traffic ticket and CDL defense attorney , provides assertive and accomplished traffic ticket defense for truckers and other commercial vehicle drivers holding a commercial driver’s license (CDL) . Jack Byno defends CDL holders faced with serious traffic violations in the greater Collin County area. .


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If you received a traffic ticket for a speeding violation, truck equipment violation, or other traffic violation while in Collin County, and you want to keep the ticket off your record,  contact me. I will discuss your options with you and pursue your goals in court.