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Callisburg Traffic Ticket Attorney

Callisburg Traffic Tickets Fought By Local Attorney

I am Jack Byno, a local traffic ticket attorney who has defended North Texas drivers against a variety of traffic-related legal matters for more than 20 years. Among other services, I offer to defend against these and similar violations:

  • Speeding tickets
  • Traffic warrants
  • City ordinance citations
  • CDL violations

If you have been issued a traffic ticket, perhaps in the Cooke County City of Callisburg, Texas, are hoping to challenge it but are unsure as to how you should go about doing so, consider contacting my firm, the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno. While my colleagues and I may very well be retained to help you challenge a violation that you have received in Callisburg, in the very least you may contact us for additional information regarding your citation and how it may be challenged in the Municipal Court. Give us a call today for additional information.

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Callisburg Speeding Warrants Lifted

While driving in the Cooke County City of Callisburg recently, were you discovered to be violating traffic law by speeding? Were you consequently pulled over and written a speeding ticket? If you were, it was your responsibility to respond to your violation by the date it was due. If you did not, that is, if you neither challenged your ticket nor pleaded guilty to it, but simply allowed it to go past due, the Callisburg Municipal Court may have been prompted to issue a warrant for your arrest. Does your speeding warrant remain out for you? If so, your arrest because of your warrant is unfortunately a possibility, but such arrest may be avoided if you would only take legal action to ensure that your warrant is lifted. This is a task that Jack Byno & Associates may be retained to assist you with. Since the founding of our traffic ticket law firm in 1994, we have gotten traffic warrants lifted and bonds posted on behalf of eligible motorists in and around the greater Dallas- Fort Worth area. If we are able to get your Callisburg traffic warrant lifted, and post bond for you, your arrest because of your warrant will no longer be a possibility.

Speeding Warrants Lifted in Cooke County, Texas

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Lawyer Defends Against Callisburg CDL Violations

Motorists who hold commercial driver’s licenses, including truckers, ambulance drivers, and school bus drivers, must maintain their clean driving records as a form of job security. A clean driving record proves the responsible driving habits of the motorist to whom it belongs. Therefore, in the case that you are a CDL holder who has been pulled over and written a traffic ticket by law enforcement in Cooke County, perhaps in the City of Callisburg, you may be hesitant to plead guilty to it, as doing so would add points to your record and showcase your inability to drive safely. In a worst-case scenario, you could even lose your job. Fortunately, you do not have to plead guilty to your offense if you would rather dispute your CDL violation in an effort to defend your clean record and, by extension, your means of living. The Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno, which has defended commercial drivers in North Texas for over 20 years, may be retained to assist you in this endeavor, so that your livelihood may be defended.

Considering Disputing Your Callisburg CDL Violation?

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