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Blooming Grove Traffic Ticket Attorney

Traffic Ticket Attorneys For Blooming Grove, Texas

I’m Jack Byno, a traffic ticket attorney. I have represented clients in Blooming Grove, Texas for their traffic cases, such as, speeding tickets,  traffic warrants , trucking violations and  driver’s license suspension hearings since 1994. By paying the fine for your traffic ticket you are pleading guilty and allowing that citation to affect your driving record. You need to consult with an experienced lawyer to discuss how to keep your driving record clean.  Contact me to discuss your Navarro County traffic tickets.

Navarro County Speeding Ticket Lawyer
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Jack Byno & Associates, Blooming Grove Speeding Ticket Attorneys

If you were issued a  speeding ticket in Blooming Grove, Texas I can help! In most cases, I can work out a deal for deferred disposition. This is a probationary period where you pay your court fees and complete a probationary period. If you successfully complete it, your  Navarro County speeding ticket will not affect your driving record. If you just simply pay the fine for the speeding ticket it will appear on your record and you could be subjecting yourself to higher insurance rates and state surcharges.  Contact me to discuss your Blooming Grove speeding ticket.

Navarro County Warrant Roundup Attorneys
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Traffic Ticket Attorney Lifts Warrants In Blooming Grove, Texas

If you have a traffic warrant issued for your arrest, the  Blooming Grove Police Department will be looking for you! You could wait to be arrested or you can contact me. I can help post your bond and set a new court date. When it is time for your day in court, I can appear on your behalf and work out the best deal I can. Navarro County participates in the  Great Texas Warrant Roundup and they will be seeking out everyone with a warrant issued for their arrest.  Contact me today to discuss your traffic warrant.

Experienced CDL Defense Lawyers In Navarro County
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Blooming Grove Commercial Driver’s License Lawyer

If you drive a bus or a semi-truck you have a special type of driver’s license, called a  Commercial Driver’s License . I understand that being issued a traffic ticket has greater consequences for you and that you are not eligible for any type of probation to keep that citation off your record. Though a trucking violation cannot be kept off your driving record, I can plea your case in the Blooming Grove Municipal Court and try to minimize the damage of your driving record.  Contact me to discuss your Navarro County moving violations.

Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney In Navarro County
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By allowing speeding tickets, traffic warrants and  trucking violations to go unacknowledged there will be long term consequences. Your speeding tickets and trucking violations will damage your driving record and you may be arrested if you have a traffic warrant! Don’t let a traffic ticket affect your insurance premiums or livelihood.  Contact me to discuss your options on handling your  Blooming Grove traffic ticket.

Special note : The statewide warrant roundup has begun! There are a lot more  cities participating in the Great Texas Warrant Roundup .

Fines and court costs are never included in fees for legal representation.