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Regarding Aurora, Texas CDL Violations And Their Disputation

Each and every day in Wise County, Texas, law enforcement catches motorists breaking traffic law. In most cases, these motorists are pulled over and written traffic tickets. While any driver may be subjected to a traffic stop, it is perhaps more upsetting to be pulled over as a commercial motorist than as a Class C driver. This is for the fact that truckers and other individuals who hold commercial driver’s licenses for work purposes are generally required by their employers to maintain their spotless driving records.

If you as a professional motorist were to be written a CDL or trucking violation by law enforcement in the Wise County City of Aurora, you may therefore be hesitant to plead guilty to your violation, as if you do so points may be added irreversibly to your driving record (thereby threatening your means of living). If you are hopeful to instead challenge your Aurora CDL violation in court (whether it was for a moving violation such as speeding, or a vehicle-related offense such as a D.O.T. stop over weight violation), in hopes of defending your record and career, the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno may be of service to you. From our office located in the heart of the Dallas- Fort Worth metroplex, we provide exceptional legal defense against traffic and city ordinance violations issued in North Texas. We may be hired do defend against your citation by either a) pleading your case for a favorable deal, in place of points added to your record, or b) fighting your charges at trial, in hopes of getting them dismissed.

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Has Your Overdue Aurora CDL Violation Gone Into Warrant?

Once issued a traffic ticket by police, a motorist is expected to respond to their charges in due time. If you are written a CDL or trucking violation in the Wise County City of Aurora, and allow your citation to become overdue rather than pleading guilty to it, it may eventually prompt the Aurora Municipal Court to issue you a traffic warrant as a penalty. Once a traffic warrant is out for you, your situation is more serious than it was previously, as you could be taken into custody at potentially any time of the day or night because of it. In a worst-case scenario, if you are arrested over your warrant, your means of living as a professional CDL driver may even be lost (as you could not continue to drive from behind bars). Fortunately, the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno may be able to assist you in lifting your Aurora warrant. We are able to do so on behalf of our eligible clients, and may be retained to do the same for you. We may also post your bond as a promise to represent you later in court, at a hearing that may be scheduled for you. Do not let your traffic warrant lead to your arrest and incarceration; take legal action today to ensure that your Aurora warrant is lifted.

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